Tension Arises Due to Lack of Air Conditioning

By Abbosbek Adxamov ’16

We live in an age of technology and innovation. However, we still don’t have air conditioners in most of our classrooms. As the school year comes to an end and the blazing summer heat creeps in, more concern rises among parents, students and teachers.

May and June are the most important months of the school year with numerous finals and standardized tests. Nonetheless, May and June are also the months of sweltering heat. If classrooms don’t have air conditioners set up soon, kids will have to sweat through their tests—yet again.

“Being in a hot and musty room during exams makes it incredibly difficult to focus,” said Madina Malik ’16. “The heat and humidity, plus the lack of ventilation, makes it nearly impossible to think about anything else but the heat, during the warmer months of the school year.”   

From a 2014 report Condition of America’s Public School Facilities at nces.ed.gov, only 30 percent of the schools had air conditioners. Instead of spending the school budget on longer school days and unnecessary technology like the smart boards, the government should work on assuring that all schools have air conditioners in every room.

On the other hand, placing air conditioners in all rooms is a tough job costing millions of dollars. According to Mr. Frank Zapata, the Custodian Engineer, each air conditioner costs about $500. But that’s not even close to being appalling when compared to the costs of wiring for Midwood. Each electric line costs about $2500 per a classroom.

“I think it’s worth installing air conditioners because overall it will improve the performance of students,” said Shak  Hoq ’16. “We won’t have to be distracted by the heat which allows us to put more into being productive. Also it allows students to stay actively focused and not tire out during those really hot days.”

Although it’s obvious that placing air conditioners in all rooms would cost “big bucks” as Mr. Zapata pointed out, money would not be as much of a problem if Cuomo paid back the $5.9 billion that he owes in New York City school funding. According to another 2014 report Billions Behind by Marina Marcou-O’Malley at http://www.aqeny.org, the state owes our city billions of dollars from the Campaign for Fiscal Equity lawsuit. The report stated that cutbacks on school funding have been adding up and has reached $5.9 billion.

In order to improve test scores and overall class productivity, air conditioners are a necessity. Instead of worrying about staying cool, students will be more focused on their work and wouldn’t dread going to class. The classrooms sometimes get dangerously hot where students start to vomit and feel dizzy. Our schools aren’t sweatshops and this issue must be taken seriously.

The air conditioner in room 273.
The air conditioner in room 273.

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