Cinderella Project Provides Fairy Tale Prom

By Ashley Ferguson ’16

Formal gowns, handbags, and accessories for girls who are financially unable to purchase these items for prom are now available at the Cinderella Project. The idea of the Cinderella Project is like the fairy tale. You get to choose a dress, and if it fits, it’s yours. However, this year they’re not only offering dresses to young women, but also suits and additional accessories, for young men.

The 2015 Day of Beauty will be held on Saturday April 25 from 11am to 4 pm. You must sign up in Ms. Kaufman’s office to attend. Also if you want a chance to win health, beauty and fashion gifts young women and men must attended a workshop.  It will be on the same day from 9am to 11am.

Ms. Kaufman, who is in charge of this program for girls in Midwood, received an email from Kevin Parker about this non-profit organization many years ago. Since senior year is extremely costly, this organization does anything possible to help young women for prom.

“Midwood has been in partnership with this organization for 5 years,” said Ms. Kaufman. “I really like the organization. One girl not only got a dress but got a whole makeover years ago.”

You can also help this organization by donating. For Kevin Parker’s 8th annual prom dress giveaway you can donate new and lightly used dresses, shoes, accessories, and evening bags. This giveaway is being held from April 8 to May 14, from 12pm to 4pm. The items can be dropped off at his office at 1300 Flatbush Avenue.

“I truly love this organization; it is a very productive thing and thoughtful,” said Kayla John ’15. “Especially since now they also include the boys. I’m speechless.”

The Cinderella Projectenabled over 100 young women to attend their high school formal occasions without worrying about the financial burden. This allows for the opportunity to have memories of one of the most special events in a young girl’s life.

“Prom is a magical experience, and every girl and boy deserves to enjoy their selves at prom, so this idea is very breathtaking,” said Jediah Perrier ‘15

“I don’t want anyone to feel uncomfortable with involving yourself; this is what the Cinderella Project is here for, to help,” said Ms. Kaufman.  “Most importantly if it fits it’s yours!”

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