Senior Year Expenses Add Up

By Paige Vosges ’16

Senior year can be extremely expensive. College applications, prom, senior dues Oh My!

As a senior if you partake in senior activities you are required to pay dues. Senior dues are $135 and if you pay after the due date the fee increases to $150. The dues include a cap and gown, yearbook, customized shirts and two tickets to graduation.

  “Nothing is absolutely mandatory, but senior dues is in a way because who doesn’t want to attend graduation?”, said Chanelle Channer ’15.

  Senior prom is one of the most talked about events. However, it can increase by $25 in late fees in the event that you pay after the due date. That’s not including prom attire, transportation and everything else you want to make your night picture perfect. For those seniors who choose to bring a guest they must be prepared to spend an additional $175. Also, the school provides a dress drive so girls who can’t afford dresses will receive donated ones.

   Late fees may be a concern for some, while the additional cost for others doesn’t seem to matter. Students come from homes with two working parents. Where others may have one working parent and many siblings, some in the same grade as them. Many students agree that the late fees are reasonable because they do receive a list of all payments in the beginning of the year, and Ms.Kaufman is on their heels about meeting deadlines.

   I feel that they are reasonable considering the amount of time we have to turn in dues,” said Ashell Tisin ’15. “The constant reminders to turn them in should urge us to turn them in on time so we can avoid paying late fees.”

  On the other hand other students feel late fees make no  sense and it just puts more stress on their families.

   “Honestly I believe late fees are just ridiculous,” said Dominique Semple ’15. “It should be a flat rate what’s the point in raising it? Asking for more money won’t make it appear faster. Some people don’t give in the money on time because they can’t afford to. Why should they be punished?”

  Another cost is senior trip. Senior trip is approximately $250. For the past couple of years the senior trip was held at Pine Groves Dude Ranch. It’s a hotel upstate and the seniors stay there for 3 days and 2 nights. There are additional charges for certain activities like laser tag, playing in the game room and paint ball.

   The most important expense of them all is the college process. As seniors prepare for college they are encouraged to take prep classes so they can ace the SAT/ACT. The cost of prep classes can range from $300-$1000, not to mention you also have to pay for the standard exam itself. It may be cheaper if you decide to prep on your own but you still have to buy textbooks and prep books. During this process you have college application fees. Yes, there are some colleges that give you fee waivers but there are plenty that don›t. College applications can cost anywhere from $50-$70 so just think, if you apply to more than one school you will spend a huge amount of money on applications alone. This process can become overwhelming because you also have to write college essays, hunt your teachers down for recommendations, go on college tours, meet all your deadlines and keep up with your daily school work and commitments at the same time.

 “Senior year is overwhelming and nothing that I imagined at all, I could really write a book about my senior year,” said Kayla John 15. “These experiences can take a toll on you because one day you’re content that you just finished taking your last SAT and the next day you want to cry because you have so many deadlines coming up. Senior expenses and the college process feels never ending but if there is a will there is a way.”

Although senior year might not be like the movies it still is one of the most memory filled year.

   “In the end it will all be worth it because everyone›s main goal as soon as they walk in those front doors freshman year is to make endless memories and graduate,” said Khalif John ‘15. “Then when you receive your diploma, you will realize all  your hard work paid off .”

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