Parents Association Supports School

By Daniel Guobadia ’16

  Many parents feel disconnected from the education process once their children reach high school, but the Parents Association seeks to incorporate parents more in school life.
     “The Parents Association consists of volunteer parents who give up their time to help make the school a better place,” said Mrs. Karen Tam, the Co-President of the school’s Parent Association. “We are the parental ambassadors of the school.”
These volunteer parents do various things throughout the school to improve the experience of students, parents, and teachers.
According to the New York City Department of Education, the general purpose of the Parent Association is to create an understanding between parents, schools, teachers, and children. It also helps support school activities, promote better home and school relations, and educate parents through events such as workshops.
The Parent Association essentially serves as a link between parents and school life.
“The PA is the voice of parents,” said Tam. “We are here to help parents navigate the school system by sharing our experiences.”

The PA brings parental concerns to the administration and votes on curriculum and school policies that affect the students and families. It is also able to take sensitive issues to the mayor, chancellor, and other politicians without the fear of losing their jobs.
“The goal of the PA is to get Midwood HS students the same funding as specialized high schools,” said Tam. “We want to make sure that all students will be successful and continue to strive for new goals after they leave Midwood,” she continued.
According to Tam, the PA wants to beautify the school and get air conditioning in all rooms. They also want to encourage alumni to comeback and mentor current students.
“We not only fundraise for the school, we advocate to get improvements for the building and facilities,” said Tam. “The recent and long fought project is to rehabilitate Midwood Field.”
In Tam’s six years here, the PA has always been promised improvements to the field, but they have never been officially on the Capital Improvement plan. Now it is finally on record for a 5 year capital plan.
The PA currently does fundraising through sales during shows, PA dues, and through direct appeal to the Midwood family.
Despite its vast efforts, the PA is still largely unknown to students. However, some students have taken note of how the PA benefits the school.
“It is helpful for parents, students, and teachers to meet and discuss the school’s future,” said Chris Lee ’16.
This shows that there is widespread appreciation for the PA. More support and participation in fundraising can help the PA to achieve its goals.

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