Hornets Unite to Support Erica Antoine

By Keturah Raymond ’15

A classmate, a friend, a teammate, a fellow hornet. It’s been a tough year and now Midwood once again feels a wave of sadness as Erica Antoine ’15 battles for her life in the hospital. Antoine suffered a stroke and has been in the hospital for over a month now though making progress, it has been minimal. The Lacrosse team in particular which Antoine was apart of has felt her absence the most, dedicating their first home game on March 18 to her.

They decorated the field with balloons, collage posters and childhood stroke awareness ribbons. Two poster boards that read “#GoErica” and “Recovery” were posted up at the front enterance for attendants to sign as they walked by. Before the start of the game the girls lined up across the field on the 15 yard line with one knee down and their stick up in dedication to Erica who holds the jersey number 15. Tiffany Sanabia ’15 lead the heartfelt chant for their teammate as they yelled out “Go Erica!” in a loud cry and marched on to defeat their opponent, James Madison High School.

“I was nervous for this season because we didn’t have a lot of time outdoors,” said Melody Wallace ’15, “but we made the most of it.”

The girls had a difficult time preparing for their upcoming season due to the new policy for field usage and weather conditions set by the principal. They had very few outdoor practices during the span of December to March and were confined to the annex bridge and gym. They mostly worked on conditioning and while some felt that the lack of stick work was a set back, Coach Michael Giordano felt that working with the substitute, tennis balls, gave the girls control of their stick when they would switch to their regular lacrosse balls in the season. However these were all minor setbacks for a major comeback.

They started the season off strong with a 7-2 victory against Madison. The Hornets were on the attack the whole game taking a 4-1 lead into halftime.  Madison was stonewalled by junior goalie, Raquel Florez ‘16, who made 7 saves over 30 minutes.

On offense, Monica Riskevich ‘15 led the attack scoring the season’s first goal the.  Dajana Reci ‘15 and Karen Lee ‘16 added two goals each to boost the Hornets’ lead.

“Erica loved this game more than anyone and I feel like we owe that much to her to have a successful season and give our all out there on the field. Because she can’t,” said Monica Riskevich ’15.

Despite the heavy hearts the girls still remain hopeful for their teammates recovery and a successful season.

“Erica has a very strong will, when she sets her mind to something she’ll get it done no matter what,” said Reci. “I know she’ll pull through this and she’ll come out stronger than ever.”

The lacrosse team decorated the field with posters for their game.
The lacrosse team decorated the field with posters for their game.

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