Freshman Author Examines Character’s Emotional Journey

By Jocelyn Chen ’16

“Everyone, one way or another, goes through some sort of crucible. It’s how you overcome it, and move on that counts,” said Malak Diouri ’18. After writing for six years, Diouri published Hamartia, or “a tragic flaw”.

Hamartia is about Carter Thompson, a girl who changes one day when her “world crumbles away right in front of her” according to The paperback version of Hamartia can be purchased from for $10.38.

“I obviously was no Charles Dickens, but I did enjoy it,” said Diouri. “It’s pretty overwhelming. I’m proud of myself, but at the same time there’s always that moment of self doubt. I’m obviously still young and have a lot to learn.”

Hamartia is written from a first person point of view, which allows readers to “join Carter on her emotional endeavor and journey to finding herself.”

“Malak is a great writer who dwells deep, above and beyond with her analysis,” said Ms. Farhana Hoque, English teacher. “She understands writers and their struggles, which helped her with her writing.”

Diouri has been writing since third grade. According to Diouri, she was motivated to write when a teacher told her, “You have the ability of doing great things, of achieving great things. But you can’t let the barbarians through the gate.”

“She is outspoken in class and never withhelds,” said Ms. Hoque. “But she is always worried that she’s making random outbursts.”

The idea for the book arose after Diouri discovered a topic that interested her and developed around it. She was also given the opportunity to publish her book by Ms. Shanette Carpenter, video productions teacher.

Just like many writers, she has faced many obstacles while writing Hamartia. One of them was writer’s block.

“I outlined the plot of my story,” said Diouri. “As I wrote, I tried to add certain aspects and details that would make it more dynamic. However, once I exhausted all of my ideas, it was hard to come up with new ones.”

She received help from her sister, Wiam, and her friend, Sabina Kubayeva ’18. They helped her add details to her writing.

“I’ve thought about pursuing a career as an author,” said Diouri. “However, I am not so sure yet. It’s a risky career path, with ups and downs; but, then again, most careers are like that.”

In the future, Diouri plans on publishing another book, but she is currently focusing on her schoolwork.

According to Ms. Hoque, personal edification, or striving for self improvement, is important for becoming a good writer.

“I advise you to look at the world, in front of you, with an open and creative mind,” said Diouri. “There will always be a story out there, waiting to be written. Sure, you’ll make mistakes and you won’t necessarily be proud of all of your works, but you’ll never know until you try. Try, fail, and then try again.”

Malak Diouri ’18 published a novel titled Hamartia.
Malak Diouri ’18 published a novel titled Hamartia.

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