College Counselors Inform Juniors of Challenges Ahead

By Xiao Ying Huang ’16

Look Ahead! College counselors informed upcoming seniors about the road to college. Between March 3 and March 11, Ms. Lorrie Director and Ms. Marisa Koeppel visited English classes to inform juniors about the college process.

“The college counselors came in and gave a presentation with a PowerPoint which was very detailed andwe were informed that we could find it online,” said Roshan Chudhry ’16.

During the 45 minute sessions, students received valuable information for the months to come, such as their Naviance registration codes and an outline of the college process that will happen senior year.

Naviance is a web-based college database program that countless schools use. The program helps students search for colleges based on their personal preferences as well as offering suggestions for your college and career choices.

According to the college counselors, it is necessary for students to register for their Naviance accounts using the code distributed in class because it would be used for college applications in senior year.

Naviance allows students applying to colleges to have access to their grades, send out recommendation requests, connect with their common application, and determine whether their grades match the requirements for the colleges.

“It is a great way to stay connected and stay on top of their college application process,” said Anna Ng ’15.

In addition to Naviance, college counselors also informed students about how to choose schools, application deadlines, recommendations, fee waivers, and appointments.

Students were told to plan their time because of the amount of time necessary in completing the process. The first step would be to complete their college office file, that includes three references from teachers, an autobiographical essay, student profile sheet, and a senior course outline. The next step is to schedule a meeting, half a period if going along and a single period if going with a parent.

“The orientation was helpful to me since I got tips on what websites I should look up and what colleges I should look in to,” said Samantha Chee ′15. “My guidance counselor would help me look at my gap and my preferences for college and guide me through the process.

Ms. Koeppel and Ms. Director prepare for next year.
Ms. Koeppel and Ms. Director prepare for next year.

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