Boys Volleyball Team Compensates for Injured Coach

By Isaiah Gelb 16 and Bartosz Zyskowski 16

Boy’s volleyball has faced a great amount of adversity and can only hope to solve their problems quickly.

The boy’s volleyball teams problems began when Ms. Lenzi broke her leg before the start of the season and became ineligible to coach the boy’s team. Coach Concetta Licitra and Assistant Coach Elizabeth Caso stepped up to represent the Hornets and the recovering Ms. Lenzi in the best way.

  “I think it’s really important to show that we maintain an attitude and that we stay competitive in the non league games, the scrimmages, the tournaments and in league games to prove to Ms. Lenzi and ourselves that the school has a strong volleyball team,” said Ms. Licitra.

The players are twice as motivated to become champions and impress Ms. Lenzi when she comes back.

Captain Snigdho Hasan ’16 said, “Coach is a big factor of our team and with her being gone is a major loss for us as a team. It means a lot for me and the team but that’s not something that discourages us but makes us want to work harder.”

Ms. Lenzi’s absence isn’t the worst problem the team has been facing over the last couple of weeks. The team has only been practicing for around an hour everyday rather than the usual two to three hours due to the necessity of sharing the gym with outside sports teams.

“It is very difficult,” Ms. Licitra said, “you need a minimum of two hour practice to really do everything what you need to do from warm ups to drills to scrimmaging each other, so these condense practices even though we are trying to make the best of it are not ideal.”

Even with trying to make the best out of the situation there is a sense of frustration within the players.

“Having shortened practices really limits us, especially with the new people. They need time to understand the game and see how it works. We barely have enough time to play as a team and sync together. This is really hurting our playing style and we are not playing at our full potential,” setter Zhivko Evtimov ’16 said, “With shortened practices we can’t fix our mistakes and work on new techniques that can help us move forward and get stronger.”

Despite all these struggles the boy’s volleyball team has to cope with in the beginning of the season both the coaches and the players are trying to stay positive and take it one step at a time.

“At this point, since we’re at a rebuilding process, we’re looking to take it one step at a time. We have a few upcoming tournaments so we are currently focusing on that and after that, we are to focus on the game against our rival, Tech. It will definitely be a tough task to do with a whole lot of things going on but we’re up for it and willing to give it our all,” Hasan ’16 said. 

Ms. Licitra said, “Our expectations for the seasons are for the new comers to learn how to play volleyball to really understand the concept of the game, for the returning team to get better even though we have a strong returning team I want them to get better, and I would definitely love to win the division and make it to the playoffs.”

Ms. Lenzi as shown in Epilogue 2014
Ms. Lenzi as shown in Epilogue 2014

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