Baseball Team Raises $7,100

By Bruno Bavaro ’16 and Deanna Tairi ’16

Parents hit the fundraiser for the baseball team out of the park on the night of Friday, March 13. The Hornet’s baseball team ended up with a whopping total of $7,100.

                    Approximately 150 parents, players and supporters came to Bergen Beach Youth Organization Center in an effort to help the team raise money. The Hornets were looking to get money to go towards baseballs, team bats, team helmets and apparel. In order for the money to be raised, players and parents put in weeks of work to make baskets filled with prizes and collect gift card donations from stores and restaurants for guests to buy raffle tickets for. The guests in attendance bought tickets for their name to be put in a raffle to win these prizes.

                    Some of the raffle prizes included things such as baseball memorabilia, cooking supplies, fashion accessories and gift certificates to participating restaurants and stores. Other activities held included a 50/50, a lottery ticket board, a birthday board and a Midwood baseball cap with $50 attached to it.

                    “It was a very good night for our team and having people from the community able to participate made it that much better,” said catcher Nick Cardieri ’17.

                    It was the team’s second annual fundraiser they were used to the run down. The boys were at the Bergen Beach Youth Organization Center two hours before the event started to set up and stayed an hour after it ended to clean up. During the fundraiser teammates were handing out the prizes to the lucky winners.

                    “All of the equipment we needed costs a lot of money so it was nice to be able to get a helping hand from our supporters,” said center fielder Gavin Brien ’16.

                    With much of the older supplies still in use, everyone felt it was time to upgrade. The batting tees were broken and the protective L screen for the pitcher had a hole in it, which made practicing dangerous for the pitcher.

                    The goal of the team was to raise enough money to replace these items with newer versions. It was safe to say their goal was surpassed, raising a booming $7,100.

                    “We all had a great time and a lot of fun together bonding as a team,” said pitcher Roy Wagner ’16. “Reaching our goal just made the night a whole lot better.”

                    Not only was the fundraiser a great way to raise money, but also a great way for the boys to bond as a team. Since the school is so big and there are players in different grades not all the kids have class together so for new comers it was a great way to get to know each other better while they weren’t busy working hard on the field.

                    It certainly was a huge confidence boost seeing the huge turnout of how many supporters they have. Facing a lot of adversity with the weather and getting outside on the baseball field, confidence is something the Hornet’s desperately needed as they head into their opening game Monday, March 23 against High School for Construction.

fundraiser b&w

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