Sound System Gets an Upgrade

By Jacky Lin  ’16 and Jeremy  ’16

Students and faculty members have been complaining about not being able to hear during school events in the auditorium. However, this is all going to change in the coming months.

“There are two different systems being replaced the entire school public address system and fire alarm upgrade that is going on in all the classrooms,” said Dr. Ernest Pysher “Along with that, the auditorium is also undergoing a complete change.”

Change is already happening. In the auditorium, you can see the new speakers and audio boards in place just waiting to be wired up.

“I usually have trouble listening to performances or speeches in the auditorium,” said Jhecy Balansag ’16. “So I am glad that they are finally changing the sound system into a better one, so everyone can enjoy the performances of students and faculty members such as SING or concerts.”

There are going to be eight new speakers installed in the auditorium that are replacing the five year old audio board which was built by Dr. Pysher and his colleague Jay Martin. There will be a few minor upgrades to the audio board such as the addition of an iPod dock, wireless control systems, and a CD player. Finally, they are also changing the LED lights on the stage of the auditorium, which allows for better dimming and lighting.

“The old speaker system that was in place was provided for us by the School Construction Authority,” said Dr. Pysher. “The new one that is being installed is being covered for by Reso A. Grants; hence it will not be necessary to cut the school budget as it is being covered for.”

The speakers being installed in the auditorium are from the company JBL by Harman Kardon. The speakers previously installed in the auditorium from the same brand. The old system contained four JBL surround speakers with two JBL JRX118 subwoofers and two dual 15in Cerwin Vega speakers used as mains. The deadline for the completion of the upgrades in the auditorium is December 2015.

Jerry Lu ’16 said, “I am excited that the auditorium is getting a new makeover. Whenever I go to my friend’s performances, its hard to too see what they are actually doing on stage and listen to what they are saying.”

There have been complaints about the sound in the auditorium by both students and faculty. However, concerning SING, the band would always block out its actors since the microphones would pick up the sound from the band more than they would of the actors according to Dr. Pysher.

“We have to use wireless mics on each actor,” said Dr. Pysher. “They forget to turn the mics on, walk into Siberia so they disconnect and have to re connect when they walk on stage.”

The auditorium is not the only thing receiving an upgrade, the classrooms are as well. In many classrooms and faculty rooms, framework for the new school public address system has already been installed.

According to Bartosz Zyskowski ’16, “It was about time they decided to change the classroom speakers. I usually can never hear what the announcer is saying and miss out on important news.”

Along with the new speakers for the school public address system, the system includes a fire alarm bell inside the speakers. The deadline for completion of the classroom speakers and fire alarms is April 2015.

These upgrades will be beneficial for the school as a whole. The audio system in the auditorium is covered completely by grants and so are the annoucement speakers for the classroom. Therefore there will be no cuts to the school budget allowing for spending on more student related activities.

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