Singling Circus Takes the Stage at InterSING

By Samantha Castro ’16 and Kimoi Felmine ’16

Midwood competed against other schools at the second annual InterSING on March 7 at Edward R. Murrow High School. The winners of Midwood SING went head to head against Murrow and James Madison High School . Even though seniors won Midwood SING, they accepted students from the other SINGs, SoFresh and Juniors. Since it was a competition against other schools, they were no longer competitors but one unit and worked together to represent Midwood. “Working with my former competition was challenging in ways because in your mind you’re thinking, it could’ve been us,” Angella Christopher ’16, formerly an actor from Junior SING and played as the popcorn girl in Senior SING. “Other than that it was amazing. They were very receptive to new members and treats us as though were a part of the play from day one.” There was a lot of pressure for some because InterSING was a week after Midwood SING. There was a lot to do in one week, from the new people learning a whole new play to each group perfecting their performance. “It was especially hard when learning to coordinate the lyrics with the dance moves,” said Vivian Luu ’17, formerly from SoFresh chorus and joined the senior chorus. “I was nervous when they put me front and center. I didn’t want to mess up and ruin the performance.” Midwood’s Singling Circus was the first to go on. Their play was about a high school senior, Amy Johnson, who runs away from her pressuring parents to the circus because she doesn’t know what to do in the future. Once she meets the crew, she tries to find what she’s good at, which doesn’t work out well. However the circus itself is a mess too. Due to low ticket sales, the circus is in debt and the ring leader decides to move the circus once again. The captivated audience followed their journey as they figure out how to save the circus. Also, the audience enjoyed the different circus acts, like the clown chorus, the animal dancers, and the band. In the meanwhile, Amy’s parents are looking for her and found a terrible but comical police officer to help. By the end of the play, Amy and the ring leader learns running away from their problems isn’t the way to solve them. Murrow made their appearances on stage after Midwood. Their story followed a group of kids who annually attend Senior-Fresh camp every summer. However, there’s a new kid named Richard, who everyone starts talking about because of his unique personality. Everything is all fun and games until a business owner Suit along with his assistant Tye wants to close down the camp and build a mall. The kids at the camp of course, gets furious and starts to brainstorm on ways to get the businessmen to reconsider their decision. Their brainstorming being many outstanding musical numbers to parodies of songs like Disturbia by Rihanna, which the audience enjoyed jamming to. Tye takes a look at this and realizes he wants to fit it with them and be admired by them the same way they treat each other. As a result, he gets Suit to reconsider their idea after threatening to tell everyone that he hasn’t done the ice bucket challenge. Thus, their camp is back on and celebrate with one last musical number to the song We Rock from Camp Rock. Taking a turn into fantasy land, Madison performed a magical performance last. This fantasy happened to involve twist of many fairy tales one reads growing up. Starting with the wicked step sister, Candace, being mean to Jessie and their mom and dad always on Candace’s side. Once they arrive to Disney World, Jessie finds the fairy godmother. She makes the rueful wish to run away from her family. Which later on she realizes this was a big mistake. She was stuck between the heroes and villains from Disney. As the play progressed, characters such as Jasmine, Aladdin, Cinderella, Snow White, and the seven dwarfs helped her see that family is really important although times are sometimes hitting a rough patch and what Ursula and the wicked witch are saying is wrong, At the end, the hearts in the crowd were stolen when Jessie sang her lovely solo about missing her family and then like Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, all she needed to do was go home in a click of two heels. “It was fun and interesting to see how other schools run their SINGs compared to us,” Sarah Epelman ’15, one of the senior SING commissioners. “The other schools have different resources compared to us. So it was interesting to see how they utilized them.” The competition partnered with Relay For Life and raised money for the American Cancer Society. During an intermission, a representative from Relay For Life spoke to the audience about the cause. The audience was given purple glow sticks and those who ever had cancer, taken care of someone with cancer, and wants to help people with cancer lit up their glow sticks. This was one of the sweetest moments of the night. The auditorium was glowing purple as he spoke. By the end of the night, InterSING raised more than $18,000. That night was not just about competing against each other but coming together as one to raise support for cancer. “I don’t really mind that we lost… at the end of the day Brooklyn SING was all for a good cause and that’s what really matters,” Kelly Tom ’15, chorus leader said. As Madison, Midwood, and Murrow waited backstage awaiting their result, two representatives went to each group, talked about how important InterSING is and how tonight each person who took part whether it was closing curtains or acting, became a leader. In this case, a leader who for the first time set the path for Relay For Life in their schools. At the end of the night, Madison won Best Team Spirit, and the Hornets took home The Best Banner. Which left the question many wanted to know, who won? Murrow took home the first prize. However, at the end of it all, each school was a winner.. They also gained new friendships throughout their experience. They didn’t compete just to win, they did it for a great cause.

They soon played Habits to relate to their situation of trying to not fall into debt. A hilarious female cop acted by Feyisola Soetan ‘15 comes out as she attempts to search for their missing daughter. Laughter was spread around the audience with people laughing at the way Soetan ‘15 walked and acted.  The chorus played I’m Not the Only One and the circus mourned in despair as they realized that the circus may possibly be shut down. A debt collector (Diana Grinberg ’15) demanded money and elephants got loose. The circus workers soon ran away as the cop came by to try and arrest them all. The mime, Kadeem Adrian ‘15, finally spoke to the audience after they escaped from the cop and stood there shocked at the rapping skill the mime had. Adrian ‘15 rapped with an upbeat rhythm and with gratitude. He also threw subs at SoFresh and juniors which caught a lot of attentions and made the audience delirious.
In the end, Johnson realized that she needed to face her problems and finally went home. The circus had to let the animal trainer go. The parents soon went to the circus to find their daughter who was exhilarated to see them. She confessed to her parents the epiphany she had and they all leave together happily. “It was such an intense night,” said Zhong ‘16. “Each team had suspense throughout which gave me anxiety.” The Sing battle ended when the crowd erupted with applause as the entire cast of SING bowed with smiles. Ethan Heineman ’15 said, “This was my first SING in Midwood and I enjoyed seeing the performances. Also since I’m a senior, I think every Midwood student should experience SING at least once. If not onstage than in the audience.” The show ended with the entire cast behind stage congratulating each other for their amazing performances. This was a night to be remembered by many as their hard work and dedication finally paid off.

Sara color Amy and Kadeem color Kitty, Amy, Lamont color Angelika color

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