SING Ends With Excitement and Victory

By Annie Chen ’16, Tingting Fang ’16, and Cynthia Kim ’16

The epic SING battle came to an exhausting end with Seniors winning first and SoFresh coming last. Each team gave a tremendous amount of sweat and tears on Friday, February 27 and Saturday, February 31 from 7:30p.m. to 12:00a.m.

“I was very excited for those days since we’ve practiced so long and hard for it,” said Cailan Yu ’16. “We all put all our hard work and effort into it.”

The show began with SoFresh commissioners Arfa Qadeer ’18 and Shaian Sharmin ’18 presenting SoFresh 2015.

Starting with a peppy beat of piano and drums, the SoFresh plot revolved around the Smith family who has decided to move to an island for the summer. They brought along their two children, Jake and Jade. Jade was overwhelmed with the island wanting to explore and take selfies, while Jake grudgingly complained. A Whole New World was then sung by the chorus. Vivian Lu ’18 let out her angelic voice leaving the audience speechless.

SoFresh dancers with tigers painted on their faces then made their way out. First came collaboration of a little step in the beginning, continuing with hip-hop dances and wrapping with ballet. Two female tribe members fell in love with Jake at the same time. Conflicts arose as Jake turned down the affection of one. Hurt and raged, the jilted female decided to ruin everything only to realize her attempts only brought the tribe and family closer.

The chorus sang the parody of Let it Go, renamed Let Him Be, to leave the guy alone. Each singer was a replication of Elsa in the movie Frozen with blue tutu dresses and ballet shoes. After chorus was over, the play continued with the jilted one trapping and caging Jake. The tribe with Jade finds and tries to reason with her. After coming to an epiphany of what love truly is, she lets him go.

“After seeing SoFresh finish I was speechless afterwards,” proclaimed Harry Zhong ’16. “I was amazed by their band and their performance.”

Jillian Geist ’17 felt relieved and happy that SING was over. She believed that they all did well and that SoFresh did their best to perform.

Juniors began with Amanita Funaro ’16 and Leanna Porto ’16 introducing Junior SING. The plot began with eight completely different students who recently reunited after high school graduation. Cheerleaders Mariya Kasiyanyk 16 and Angella Christopher 16 started the performance with Mohammad Naqvi ’16 the rebel in school, Martin Garcia ’16 the nerd, Liana Zinytche ’16 the OCD environmentalist, Tristan McQueen ’16 the baseball player, Noah Esssa ’16 a smooth player  and Skye Harry ’16 the “stupid” one.

These eight students decided to go to the beach as a celebration for their high school graduation. They soon reached the beach when fog slowly began to leach out.

Then a tsunami took over and stranded them on an island. A girl in a Hawaiian dress played by Georgia- Rae Lyken ’16 and a bartender known as “Sugarcane” played by Myles William Porter ’16 came and greeted the eight friends. Many people cheered on as Porter ’16 entered the stage.  The background consists of a colorfully drawn beach theme with tall green Palm trees and a beautiful sunset.

The chorus played Rude with Asia Le ’16 and Rebecca Edelstein ’16 as the eight students struggle to come on common grounds with each other.

“It’s amazing to see how the juniors collaborated a well but corny theme,” said Holly Lin ‘16.

They went through an exciting adventure as a dance competition ensued. The dance competition consists of high beat music as the hip hop section steps into the scene dressed in black pants and a red Hawaiian shirt. They danced popular dances such as the Yeet and Nae Nae which quickly gained the crowds uproar. After this event, they began to discuss their times in high school as they recalled the time the blonde cheerleader had braces. The worker questioned who they all were and what friendships are really about.

They understood that they must work together to get back. Soon they began to make fun of each other and realized each one has their own flaws. They realized that they all wore a mask in order to fit in. The environmentalist realized she doesn’t really care about the environment but only cared about how it looked on her transcript. The cool guy realized he was socially awkward and tried his best to hide it. The smart guy realized he was obnoxious with his need to boast his intelligence. The cheerleader only cheers for popularity. The one who follows her isn’t really dumb. She just played dumb in order to be liked by others. The cutter realized that his ways will lead him to nowhere. The baseball player is actually frightened of the ball. Soon the tsunami took them back to school and a friendship blossomed.

McQueen said, “The moral of the story was to be yourself and be true to your friends.”

After junior’s performances were over, McQueen believes that a burden had been lifted and it felt amazing to end well.

Backstage crew members such as Tugce Icil ’16 and Soena Muja ’16 felt that everyone was a family.

“Everyone’s effort and all the days we stayed in late working on the boards and paintings were honestly great,” said Icil.

The senior plot was about Amy Johnson ’15 who had no clue of her future. She was confused and scared of what she wanted for her future and as the time neared, she decided to run away with a circus.

The show introduced the circus with spectacular performers with mimes, wild animal trainers, gymnasts, and more. The background grasped the audience’s attention.

“The decorations and background was very eye catching. The effort really showed,” said Mahmud Ashik ’13.

    Johnson joined the circus with no talent but neighing. When she neighed during the show, the whole audience laughed in harmony.

The circus decided to give her the job to hand out popcorn to the audience. Senior chorus sang a parody to No Place I’d Rather Be as it related to her new found happiness in the circus.

The scene cut to the parents played by Kitty Chang ’15 and Lamont Paulin ’15 frantically searching for their daughter to a police. They go on discussing her missing as comedy leaked into the scene. The circus has to relocate as they face financial difficulties.

They soon played Habits to relate to their situation of trying to not fall into debt. A hilarious female cop acted by Feyisola Soetan ‘15 comes out as she attempts to search for their missing daughter. Laughter was spread around the audience with people laughing at the way Soetan ‘15 walked and acted.  The chorus played I’m Not the Only One and the circus mourned in despair as they realized that the circus may possibly be shut down.

A debt collector (Diana Grinberg ’15) demanded money and elephants got loose. The circus workers soon ran away as the cop came by to try and arrest them all. The mime, Kadeem Adrian ‘15, finally spoke to the audience after they escaped from the cop and stood there shocked at the rapping skill the mime had. Adrian ‘15 rapped with an upbeat rhythm and with gratitude. He also threw subs at SoFresh and juniors which caught a lot of attentions and made the audience delirious.

In the end, Johnson realized that she needed to face her problems and finally went home. The circus had to let the animal trainer go. The parents soon went to the circus to find their daughter who was exhilarated to see them. She confessed to her parents the epiphany she had and they all leave together happily.

“It was such an intense night,” said Zhong ‘16. “Each team had suspense throughout which gave me anxiety.”

The Sing battle ended when the crowd erupted with applause as the entire cast of SING bowed with smiles.

Ethan Heineman ’15 said, “This was my first SING in Midwood and I enjoyed seeing the performances. Also since I’m a senior, I think every Midwood student should experience SING at least once. If not onstage than in the audience.”

The show ended with the entire cast behind stage congratulating each other for their amazing performances. This was a night to be remembered by many as their hard work and dedication finally paid off.

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