Mrs. Peters Receives Award

By Tobby Oniga ’16 and Diellza Dzafa ’16

After    years   of  hard  work  and  dedication,  Mrs.  Joann  Peters finally received the NY State Supervisor Award for Outstanding Supervision in Social Studies in Syracuse on February 13, 2015.

She has dedicated her life to teaching ever since 1973.  Not only does she have her Bachelor’s degree in Social studies, but she also has her master’s degree, and went for administration and supervision as well.

After a 15 year leave to raise her four children, Mrs. Peters came back stronger than ever to do what she loves, teaching.

“I love the feeling of being in front of the classroom,” Mrs. Peters said. “I love teenagers, and all the excitement that comes from teaching them.”

Mrs. Peters has  been teaching in  Midwood ever since 1993.  She   comes  all  the  way  from New  Jerse y to  Brooklyn   every day.

“Midwood was not supposed to be a permanent school for me,” Mrs. Peters said while looking around her office. “But I fell in love with this school, I couldn’t leave.”

In 2005, Mrs. Peters was promoted to Assistant Principal of the social studies department after eleven years. The transition was something she had to get used to. “It takes a while for everyone to adjust, ”Mrs. Peters explained. “But eventually everyone gets the hang of it. When you go from being in front of the classroom for as long as I have, and then you’re in charge of a department, you learn to take on the responsibilities thrown at you. 

Earlier this year, she was awarded with the Bernard Cohen Award from the City in February for outstanding achievement and high standards in Social Studies.

“Mrs.Peters is an inspiration and a strong source of support. “Said Mr. Hero. “I couldn’t ask for a better mentor.”One thing Mrs.Peter wants everyone to know is that she always did her job because that’s what she supposed to do

“I never did my job for the awards, I just did it because that’s my job,” Mrs. Peters said.” Like Derek Jeter pitches out because that’s his job, I’m doing this because this is my job.”

Mr. Krieger said “Mrs. Peters is a wonderful lady. She brought me here six years ago, her bringing me here revised my career. She is a great mentor, and a great lady, and the award she has received is long overdue.”

When Mrs. Peters retires this year, she will truly be missed throughout all of Midwood.

ms peters

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