Opportunities Arise for the Summer

By Hussein Fardous ’16

Summer opportunities ranging from Performing/Visual Arts to Science Internships give students a higher chance of acceptance into prestigious universities and guide them in chasing a desirable career.

“Summer opportunities are programs ranging from jobs and internships to pre-college programs that students are willing to put time and effort in,” said Ms. Lorrie Director, a College Counselor. “These help students become informed of what careers they might or might not want to enroll in later on.”

There is an abundance of summer opportunities available for high school students in New York that appeal to the diverse desires of students according to New York University (NYU) in the article “Teen Summer Programs” and according to Rockefeller University in the article “Science and Enrichment Opportunities.”

“Students can apply to programs regarding theater in NYU and Long Island in the summer,” said Ms. Director. “Also, the Summer Youth Employment Program helps students find work in places such as medical and child care centers for money. Baruch College also offers many pre-college programs for students.”

High school students intrigued by science have the chance to participate in summer research opportunities according to Rockefeller University. Motivated students who are willing to challenge themselves by gaining research skills from professors and then composing their own original college level project have the choice of applying to the Hofstra University (chmnwj@hofstra.edu or 516-463-5534), Memorial Sloan-Kettering Human Oncology and Pathogenesis (HOPPSummerProgram@mskcc.org), or the NASA N.Y.C. Research Initiative Program (frank.scalzo-1@nasa.gov).

“I have taken various summer programs such as volunteering in the Brooklyn Public Library and tutoring students,” said Zhivko Evtimov ’16. “However, after reading through the various summer research opportunities, I became influenced to apply to the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Human Oncology and Pathogenesis program this upcoming summer.”

There are various summer internships available for students to take according to NYU. Motivated students who are willing to offer diligence have a choice from the Children’s Museum of Manhattan (info@cmom.org), Natural History Museum (saltzprogram@amnh.org), Wave Hill (barryk@wavehill.org), or four Rocking the Boat internship programs (info@rockingtheboat.org). Students willing to put in extra time and effort could get take part in the Central Park (youth@centralparknyc.org) or the Legal Bound (HSIP@dany.nyc.gov) Program that offer paid internships.

Students who have an ambition for the arts such as fashion, design, writing, photography, filmmaking, and music are eligible to take part in Performing/Visual Arts summer programs according to NYU. These programs include Fashion Camp NYC (laura@fashioncampnyc.com), Esra (summerprogram@esra.edu), Guggenheim Museum (education@guggenheim.org or membership@guggenheim.org), Parsons (academy@newschool.edu or 212-229-8933), Summer Arts Institute (summerarts@schools.nyc.gov or 212-356-8573), or The International Center for Photography (teen_academy@icp.org or 212-857-0058).

Additionally, there are various volunteering programs to supplement students who are interested in volunteering according to NYU. They are able to choose from programs such as Do Something (help@dosomething.org or 212-254-2390), Teen Life (info@teenlife.com), Mount Sinai Hospital (212-241-0478), Brooklyn Botanic Garden (volunteer@bbg.org or 718-623-7260), New York City Department of Parks and Recreation (212-360-8212), and City Parks Foundation Program (arts@cityparksfoundation.org).

“I have heard of some but not of all of these opportunities,” said William Xie ’16. “I find this information very helpful because summer programs are broken up into various categories with their contact information written next to them. This makes it convenient for students because they can easily pick out the programs they might be interested in and apply to them.”

Lastly, various Pre-College/Academic programs are available for students according to NYU. Students interested in learning and applying practical knowledge can choose from programs such as NYU Summer (university.programs@nyu.edu or 212-998-2292), American Museum of Natural History (hsprograms@amnh.org or 212-496-3529),  and four Summer Fuel Programs (Pre-college, Leadership, College Admissions, and Study Abroad, and Summer Discovery – contact info: 800-752-2250  or 212-796-8340).

“All the summer programs are good for colleges,” said Ms. Director. “No one program is better than another. It is all based on students’ desires, what’s best fit for them, and what college and careers they want to chase. However, some students don’t find summer programs to apply to because they don’t put in the effort in finding them. They can easily google them and find many of them in New York.”

Participating in summer pre-college programs, internships, and volunteering can have benefits according to Rosemary Cochrane in the article “Five Benefits of Pre College Summer Programs.” These programs give students a feeling of how campus life is, a first look at different universities that can ultimately help them in their college applications, appeal to prestigious universities who see the students’ devotions, prepare students for their college classes if they take pre-college programs, and lastly help direct students to what kind of programs and careers they might want to chase in college.

“Summer programs can introduce change in a students’ life, work ethic, discipline, and also expose them to new cultures and trades,” said Ms. Director.

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