Gardening Club Still Blossoms

By Christine Ly ’16, Xiao Ying Huang ’16 

As the cold winter goes by, the Gardening Club still expects to make flowers bloom with handmade roses to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

“The Valentine’s rose sale is the second rose sale we had to fundraise for the Gardening Club,” said Lok Yee Cheung ’15, vice president. “There are over 700 roses handmade by the officers.”

The roses will cost $1.00 each and come in a variety of colors: red for love, black for Friday the 13, white for friendship, hot pink for thankfulness, and light pink for joy. When buying a rose, a form must be filled out with the recipient’s information.

“People can participate by buying roses for their friends and loved ones,” said Helen Wong ’15, treasurer. “The members of the club will deliver them to classrooms.”

With over 50 active members, the Gardening Club has many activities besides fundraising.

“We also plant flowers and bond with the club members. Planting techniques are taught by officers that have done research on gardening,” explained Cheung. “We have planted flowers in the garden behind the annex during fall and they’re expected to bloom in the spring.”

The club members also design the garden as they plan out where certain plants will be grown and what other decorations there should be.

“An interesting thing we did was design the soil floor,” said Anna Ng ’16. “We put nice white bricks in a wavy curve to create a path in the middle of the soil where we plant our foods.”

According to Cheung, the Gardening Club was created because the club officers thought that one day it was possible to grow food that the students can eat. They saw an empty space behind the annex and worked hard to make it into a garden.

“A lot of the club deals with gardening in the area by the back of the annex building, and it’s extremely enjoyable,” said Sana Ilyas ’16. “Coming from the city, it’s a new experience to grow plants and learn how to take care of them.”

Students who are interested in joining the Gardening Club can attend meetings on Fridays, which are announced in the Facebook group, Midwood Gardening Club 2015. These meetings will be during periods 8 and 9 in room A215, period 10 in room 235 and period 11 in room 254.

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