Dean Teaches With Empathy

By Karen Cherkas ’16
Compassionate and devoted, Mr. Jason Richardson works through his day in the hectic dean’s office and as a global teacher.
As a teacher, he teaches two global classes to prepare students for the regents. His teaching style helps many students learn more efficiently. Mr. Richardson tries to make his students use empathy to understand his lessons. He also lets students express their opinions, questions and thoughts with each other about the lesson to make class more interesting. This method gets many people of the class interested and involved in his lessons.
He also makes free time and tutors some students in global studies during his day.
Mr. Richardson said, “I love teaching, and I think it’s great to see kids learn empathy, express opinions, and use critical thinking skills.”
For special holidays, he lets the class bring in food to share for a party while doing a lesson, which provides diversion for students who glare at a smart board most of their day.
Despite helping many students with global, he’s also here as a dean to help many people who need it. He helps students mediate problems with each other to make the school a safer place for every one. He also helps teachers work out problems with their kids if they come across any.
“It’s also great being a dean because you get to work with kids that come from difficult circumstances and help them,” added Mr. Richardson.
After a long day of teaching and helping other students and teachers, Mr. Richardson’s day doesn’t end there. He also does dismissal to ensure the safety of students while they leave the building.
Mr. Richardson has been teaching at Midwood for 22 years, and has been a dean for 7-8 years. He had both wonderful and poor experiences. He had to break up numerous fights with Midwood students in school, as well as a few blocks away from the school. He also helped put a stop to fights between students in Midwood and other schools. A lot of the time, it’s hard to break up a fight between female students because they just keep going at it. Sometimes, Mr. Richardson gets blood on his clothing from trying to break up fights. In 2013, Mr. Richardson once told his freshman class that if there were to be a suspect in the building, he would stand at the door of the classroom to make sure his students are safe because they have a lot to experience in life.
However, he loves his job and there are more good experiences than bad. He loves seeing students who were conflicted at one point as friends again. He also cares about the safety of students, and gets happy when it all works out well.

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