Swim Team Dives into Playoffs

By Annie Chen  ’16

With a winning start in the playoffs, Hornets participated in the swim meet with Queens High School For Science at Stuyvesant’s pool on Friday, January 30, winning with  an imppressive score of 55-39.

Anthony Alvardo  ’17 said, “It was a pretty good meet and if we were to go against them again we would probably still win.”

The swim team prepared themselves with stretches and laps. They swam for about half an hour. After preparing and warming up, the team gathered around and discussed who would start off.

Starting off with the 200 yd. medley relay, the players scored 4 points in total, while Queens scored 6 points, leaving Midwood with second (1 min 50.12 sec) and third (1 min 50.02 sec) place. Marcus Lam ‘15, Matthew Pero ‘16 and Hao Feng Li ‘15 performed between 25-28 seconds.

Li  ’15 said, “When I was swimming, I kept thinking to myself that I have to break a 25 second on the freestyle.”

Along with the 200 yd. freestyle and 200 yd. individual medley, the Hornets finished with first and second in freestyle and second and third in individual.

  Lam  ’15 discussed how every swimmer has different thoughts when they’re in the water.

“Everytime when I’m racing there’s no thought on my mind except the word ‘faster’,” Lam  ’15 said. “During the butterfly, I was racing myself to win and eventually I scored 3 points and finished with second place.”

The crowd cheered on every player. Parents cheered on their children screaming at the players to go faster. The atmosphere had high and full of vigor with, players catching up with each other.

“It was breath-taking when I saw that my opponent was behind me,” said Lam  ’15.

The 100 yd. backstroke was a slaughter win for the Hornets, leaving with first and second place. However the 100 yd. breaststroke was a struggle: Elvin Nisman  ’16 and Jin Huang  ’16 ended in second (1 min 7.26 sec) and third place (1 min 9.76 sec).

“It was great seeing all the players participating and being active,” said one of the fans. “My heart gets pumped up when things gets rowdy.”

Ending with first (3 min 56.30 sec) and second (4 min 7.94 sec) place on the 400 yd. freestyle relay, Midwood Hornets scored a total of 9 points and Queens scored 1 point.

“The team did well in all of our events today and I wouldn’t be surprised if we had a few personal bests!” Pero ’16 said. “But we need to prepare for the tough meet ahead of us!”

After the swim meet most of the players felt exhausted but proud. Each player contributed energy and support to their swimmers. Some players felt that Queens High School was an intense and competitive team but Hornets believed that if they played them again they would win for sure.

“They had some really strong swimmers but we have better ones,” said Li  ’15.

Starting off with an easy win, Midwood’s next challenge is against Mckee/ Staten Island Tech. The players feel confident going into the next meet.

“I think today was a good start and hopefully we can carry this momentum throughout!” exclaimed Pero ’16.

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