Scholarship Opportunities Abound

By Jane Kahan ’16 and Anna Wu ’16
Coca-Cola, Burger King, Jackie Robinson, New York Times and Big Sun are more than just a collection of words; they are the few, of many, scholarship opportunities offered to college-bound seniors looking for financial help.
“Scholarships are great for students who need money for college,” said Mrs. Marisa Koeppel, Guidance Counselor and College Office Coordinator. “Each year many students win all sorts of scholarships; the money varying from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars.”
Not all of these scholarships focus on academics. Some, like the Burger King Scholars and the Big Sun Scholarship, requires students who participated in extracurricular activities or sports. Others, like DUJs International Science Essay Competition and Kaplan Essay Contest, only require students to write an essay for eligibility. The topics for these essays may vary but for students who prefer English over Math or Science, these scholarships are the way to go.
The Midwood High School Scholarship, the Arthur & Susan Cohen Family Scholarship, and the Hugh & Ada Janow Jacobs Scholarships are popular scholarships for Midwood. These three scholarships are only offered to Midwood students because they were set up by Midwood alumni. Applications for these scholarships are available in room 115.
“I applied for many scholarships,” said Dajana Reci ’15. “There is no limit to the amount of scholarships you can apply to and it’s completely free to enter. The great thing about scholarships is that if you don’t fit in the criteria for one, you’ll fit into the criteria for another.”
A popular theme in scholarships is aiming towards the people who have overcome adversity or a significant event. These scholorships primarily have to do with low income, race, gender or sexuality. For instance, the Albert Shanker College Scholarship Fund of the UFT specifically asks for students of low income families, the B-20 Leadership Scholarship Fund aims towards African or Hispanic students, the Shui Kuen and Allen Chin Scholarship awards students who have done work for the gay or lesbian community, and the 2014 College Book Scholarship is only for minority women.
“Students need to be aware that there are many scholarships out there,” said Guidance Counselor Ms. Kendra Lane. “Not all scholarships are for academics or athletics, like most people assume. There are legitimate scholarships for people who are left-handed.”
Information for the scholarships mentioned in this article and many more can all be found on the Midwood website. The information includes who the scholarships want to attract and the specific requirements needed to apply, such as GPA, SAT scores or extracurricular activities.
“Scholarships are a lot of work,” said Ms. Lane, “but it’s definitely worth it in the end because the money you get from it doesn’t all have to go towards your tuition. The money can go to paying for textbooks among other things. Free money is the best money.”

A PDF of some Scholarship opportunities listed by the College Office on the Midwood
A PDF of some Scholarship opportunities listed by the College Office on the Midwood

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