Playoff-Bound Hornets Prep for Championship Run

By Kyla Brutosky ’16

A goal to win the PSAL championships, the girls’ basketball team focused on winning the last home game.

The girls’ basketball team practiced six days a week for two hours a day. These practices consisted of a series of different drills such as dribbling, shooting and half court situations.

They talked about what they did wrong, how they could improve and what went well during that game. They also talked about their next game and how they could prepare for that game.

The last home game that was on Wednesday 2/4 was a tough game. The game was a bunch of runs back and forth.

Since this was their last home game that atmosphere was definitely different. There were a lot of people who showed up. It was also a different atmosphere for the five seniors including Kyla Spalding because that was possibly their last season home game of their high school career.

“It means a lot to see that many people come out to our games consistently and cheer us,” said Spalding.

The team ended up losing by one point. The final score was 51-52. Grand Street Campus happened to go on a run in the last minute.

“Hopefully our first play-off game is at home, and we’ll have a second chance to bring home a win, “ said Spalding ’15

Their most difficult part of their season was dealing with tough losses. The losses are tough because they are so close to winning and they feel like they could have done more. The losses are also tough when they have the lead and end up losing the game.

“It’s imperative not to become overwhelmed,” said Spalding.

The team gets through these tough times by helping each other out. They give each other advice and encouragement.

They are preparing for the playoffs by concentrating. If they lose one game it will be the end for them. Going to the play-offs would be big for the senior on the team. They would become a part of the rich tradition at Midwood Athletics.

“We have the ability to make a strong play-off run,” said head coach Michael Moore

The team has a long road ahead of them before they can reach the finals. The first round of the playoffs will be a home game. If they win that game then they will move on to the quarterfinals. If they win that game, they will head to the semi-finals, a semi-final victory will put them in the finals at the Barclays Center.

Kyla Spalding ’15 swoops to the hoop.
Kyla Spalding ’15 swoops to the hoop.

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