Midwood App Eases Communication

By Aiden Rodriguez ’16

Midwood will have its first app on March 1, 2015.

With the upcoming release of Midwood’s proprietary application comes 21st century communication for parents, teachers, and students. It will be compatible with all operating systems (iOS and Windows) and is being funded out of the Midwood budget. It will be free to all who want to download it from the App Store.

“I hope this app will simplify student information intake by integrating the multifaceted websites of PSAL, Pupil Path, and Midwood’s own website” said Principal McDonnell.

While the Principal does have some experience in writing computer code, the extensive scope of this app would take too long for one man to complete; therefore the code writing was outsourced to STRAXIS. However, Mr. McDonnell did have a heavy hand in the layout/design of the app.

Principal McDonnell says the app will incorporate information from a variety of websites. The information will include the Pupil Path database, information from the PSAL website, course schedules, teacher contact sheets, guidance, the Midwood handbook, a link to the Argus website, even weather and other information the Midwood website contains.

“I’d try the app. It would be cool if the app also had links to helpful study websites,” said student Colin Dowd ’16.

Student Adela Julevic ’16 said, “I think that the app could use a link to the Engrade database. Personally, I don’t have teachers on Engrade, so I wouldn’t use that link, but I know students who do use it more than Pupil Path.”

The principal hopes to encourage the thousands of Midwood alumni spread across the country to download the app. He also wants the over 8,000 parents and over 4,000 students to download it to keep up with the educational juggernaut that is Midwood High School.

“Everyone is always on their phones so I believe it will be easier and beneficial to the student body,” said Angella Katherine ’16.

Principal McDonnell said, “The hope for this app is to bring Midwood communication between parents, students, and alumni into the 21 century.”

According to Principal McDonnell the app will be beta-tested from now until the summer, when revisions and user feedback will be used to improve and update it for the coming year.

Midwood App will give students easy access to important information.
Midwood App will give students easy access to important information.

1 thought on “Midwood App Eases Communication

  1. Pupilpath is a terribly unorganized website and they honestly need to get their things straightened out. Why is it that the registration is so complicated, and insensible? Is it that hard for them to make it slightly more simple for our kids to register, AND KEEP their accounts? Honestly I don’t understand the methods that they try to use these days! I say too much technology and way too little understanding from BOTH sides of the argument.


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