Hornets Are Ready For SING Production

By Paige Vosges ’16
SING is on the way! On February 27 and 28 the biggest performance of every school year is taking place in the auditorium at 7 pm. Several students from all grades have been practicing since October to make SING of 2015 unforgettable.
SING is one of the most stressful productions. It is an annual school performance created in 1947 where students write, choreograph, and perform their own show. Freshmen and sophomores work together as SoFresh to compete against junior SING and senior SING.
“Although it is a competition, I don’t look at it as a competition,” said Cheryfia Morris ’16. “I just want to put on the best performance I can for me and my dancers.”
It involves so many students and their talents. Students auditioned for different parts and performances such as modern dance, hip-hop, acting, and chorus. Auditions were nerve racking as people were tested to see if they had what it took to be in this competitive show. Practices are overwhelming due to large crowds of students engaging in different talents; stage crew, musicians, dancers, actors and singers.
“As commissioner, it’s a pain to work with so many people,” said Amanita Funaro ’16. “But that’s the point it’s about the challenge of having to deal with so many people and putting a show together and making sure everything is in order.”
Ms. Kaufman organizes this with support of student commissioners and advisors. For many students this production is new while seniors are working extra hard to ensure they go out with a bang.
“As a senior, this whole production is bitter sweet and fairly emotional,” said Sarah Epelman ’15. “We’ve put in so much work and became not only friends but family over these years. It’s going to be hard to let go.”
SoFresh, juniors and seniors have put in so much effort and are extremely excited to get the show on the role.
“This is my first year as a sophomore; I feel I’m going to be nervous both days of the show but I’m becoming comfortable performing,” said Shania Brown ’17. “I enjoy coming to practice and watching everything come together.”
Just like any other performance in school, money is involved. Everyone in SING had to pay dues to cover costumes, paint, canvas, accessories and the SING sweater and shirt.
“Sing costumes, without a doubt, are cute, but some things are just hard to find. The hoodies are really creative. I like how they say what role you play in SING,” said Kayla John ‘15. “So far SING has been stressful, but I believe that it will all come together in the end, it’s going to be great watching the other grades productions!”
On the last night of the performances the judges announce the winner of SING and, win or lose, everyone is still proud of each other and overwhelmed by memories.
Last year after winning Midwood SING, the seniors competed in Battle of Bedford a high school competition against Murrow and Madison to discover the best SING performance. Midwood came in second place and this year they are hoping to do better.

Sing 1 Sing 2

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