G.O. Cards Help Record Student Activities and Give Service Credit

By Natalia Wiater ’16

You pay them, they pay you. A G.O. card, or General Organization card, costs only $5, and helps the whole student body with a variety of clubs, organizations, and sports teams by keeping track of service credits earned.

Available in room 417, it is suggested that everyone buys one in order to keep track of their service credits every year, although it is beneficial to buy one every term, since it raises more money for the organization. Ms. Kaufman is in charge of distributing cards, and has been since the fall of 1998.

Not  everyone   buys    the      cards, however,   the  school  sells $3,200  worth  of  G.O. cards on average, according to Ms. Kaufman.

Credits can be received for monitoring for a teacher or guidance counselor, peer tutoring, participating in a club, being a part of the student government, or joining a sports team. For a sport, a maximum of 30 credits can be given; for monitoring, a maximum of 20, and for a club, a student can get anywhere from 5 to 20 credits, based on the club and position in it.

The G.O. was created by the student government in the 1950s in order to help raise money for student activities. Among other things, money raised by the G.O. goes to help SING production, maintain clubs, and support teams. Most teams receive a certain amount of money every year, money that goes to buy equipment or pay for entry fees in competitions.

“Where do you think the money comes from?” Mr. Cohen, the Girls’ Track and Field coach said. He encourages all members of the team to join the G.O. “You get the money back in some form or the other anyway, and it’s only $5,” he added.

However, not all teams receive money from the G.O., such as the Boys’ Football team and Boys’ Varsity Basketball team, since they sell tickets to their games and generate revenue from those sales.

Joining the G.O. and collecting service credits is also beneficial when applying for college, since admissions offices look at a student’s  contributions to the school.

“Colleges would look at the G.O. cards,” Ms. Kaufman said, “and it looks good on your record.”

There is also another reason to purchase the G.O. card: to be accepted into Archon. Archon “honors students committed to serving the Midwood community,” according to Midwood’s December 2014 Newsletter, which students and parents can subscribe to on the school website. In order to be accepted, a student must earn at least 105 credits, 45 of which must come from office monitoring. The credits are recorded and signed by a teacher, and then the completed G.O. card is collected in room 131, or the Records Office, where the credits are checked.

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