School Year Should Be Annualized

By Sadaijah Moore ’16

Switching teachers mid year disrupts students and upsets teachers. We should just finish with the same teachers we started off in September.

“I have no current plan on annualizing the school calendar,” explained Principal Michael McDonnell. “It’s teachers’ request.”

Some teachers would like to have an annualized school calendar next year, which means that all courses would be year long instead of switching teachers mid year.

Looping is a school practice which consists of students staying with the same teacher for their entire grade level.

“I would rather change to an annualized school calendar,” said Zola Marshall ’16. “It’s just like in middle school, the same teachers you started with, in the beginning of the year, will be the same ones you end with.”

I think that having an annualized school calendar is a great idea.

This way, teachers won’t have to start from the beginning, which means learning over 100 new students names, Delaney cards, meeting new parents, and adapting to new students’ learning techniques. It’s not only teachers adapting to the changes but also their students as well.

“I think looping is a great idea,” said Apphia Nurse ’16. “Now we can start off where we left off last year, because we wouldn’t be wasting time the first week learning and doing nothing.”

The first week of delaney cards and the awkward moment of not knowing anybody in your class is a bore and a waste of time.

Some advantages include if you like your classmates, teachers, grades and schedule, then you wouldn’t have to start over; you can just continue with your daily routine.

“I would love to have the same teachers all year long,” said Milana Ikhiilova ’15. “ They would already know my name, my disadvantages and advantages. “

However, many students don’t feel the same way.

Keeping teachers year long doesn’t work for all students. Many students may have a problem with the way teachers grade, teach or act. If you feel you have an unfair or mean teacher, you wouldn’t want to be stuck with them again next semester. So switching teachers might be a thing you prefer.

“Who would want the same teacher yearly long?” said Alyson St. Omer ’16. “I like to meet new teachers and students. This way I can become more diverse and learn new techniques from others.”

Principal McDonnell did not have annualized school year when he was in high school. He said it was good and bad.

“It was good that you got to switch teachers and meet new kids,” said Principal McDonnell “but if you liked your teachers and friends then you wouldn’t want to switch and start over again.”

Many teachers may not like an annualized school calendar because it can’t separate students. If you have disruptive, rude children in your class, you wouldn’t be looking forward to 10 months of school with them.

“During a non-annualized school year, I got to know more of my kids,” said Mr. McDonnell. “And there’s more flexibility.”

Not all teachers teach the same way; some prefer slide shows, while others prefer handouts. So why force students to adjust to new teachers and surroundings when we can continue in class from where we left off last semester? Switching teachers mid year throws a wrench at the student-learning technique and teacher’s teaching systems.


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