Winter Concert Charms the Crowd

By Samantha Castro ‘16

Musical and vocal skills were on display in the winter concert and the battle of the chori on January 14 in the auditorium.

This is the second year that the winter concert and battle of the chori were on the same night. The show was an hour and a half of the beautiful sounds of instruments and singing.

The winter concert and the battle of the chori consist of the Orchestra, Concert band, advanced chorus, beginner chori, and the after school program Midwood GLEE. They’ve practiced hard for the concert since the beginning of October.

“I feel fabulous,” said Kardin Ulysse ’16, member of the Orchestra, “I feel on point, and I’m ready to rock it.”

The Concert Band, started the show off strong with the Star Spangled Banner. Then, continued with A Christmas Festival by Leroy Anderson, Allegretto from Symphony No.7 by Ludwig Van Beethoven, and Afterburn by Randall Strandridge. Despite the fact that most of the songs were classical, the audience showed interest in the delightful music.

“A beautiful melody stays beautiful after 200 years,” said Ms. Melissa Williams, who came to Midwood this school year and is the director of the Orchestra and Concert Band.

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