Students Spread Culture Through Art

By Asif Ali ‘16

The Foreign Language Department accepted a decorated flag from two students in gratitude towards the Midwood community.

Sher Ali ‘16 and Sitara Ali ‘16, brother and sister, gave a gift of appreciation in a form of a flag to the department. The flag itself shows the American flag and Pakistani flag side by side with “Midwood High School” written on top of them. The names of the donors are written on the bottom of the display. It is decorated with bright colors that vary from red, blue and even green.

“I think it’s a wonderful thing given in appreciation for all the nice work we do,” said Teresa Fernandez, Assistant Principal of the Foreign Language Department, “It’s great people recognize Midwood as a multicultural, multilingual place where everyone is welcome.”

A gift like this is a sign that people acknowledge Midwood for all the fine opportunities it provides for students of all academic status.

Ms. Fernandez went on by saying, “Whether they are in the gifted program or the ESL program, it doesn’t matter, we do the best for all students.”

Midwood has been known for kids expressing their pride in the Midwood community. It is very common to see kids dressed as celebrities on celebrity day and in pajamas on pajama day. Many don’t realize that it is not about looking silly or what not, but to have the same energy while passing it on to the next person is what drives these kids. The flag was just another way for kids to express their culture according to Myrna Franco, Spanish Teacher.

“I love the idea that culture transcends,” Ms. Franco said, “It’s good to see the flag given as a gift to the department. To me it feels as if kids don’t feel threatened to express their culture to other.”

The siblings, Sher and Sitara Ali, had help from family members in manufacturing the flag. It took time, but in the end the satisfactory feeling they got was like no other.

Whether it’s kids in sports jerseys or in mustaches on costume day, Midwood pride is a very collective idea amongst kids of all cultural backgrounds.


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