PSAL Ruling Brings New Opportunities for Lady Hornets

By Kelsie Gallego ‘16

Keturah Raymond ’15 contributed to this article.

New rules and regulations are being implemented by PSAL, and they’re affecting the girls Lacrosse team. The Public Schools Athletic League (PSAL) has re-aligned the divisions according to boroughs resulting in more games in the regular season and combined play- offs to involve more teams. Midwood specifically will now face all teams in Brooklyn twice and each team from the other boroughs once, totaling 16 games.

“I feel like it gives us more of a chance to meet new teams that we have never faced before and allows us to evolve as a team,” said Carrie Walker’16.

Many team members feel as if this might give more of an opportunity for them to work harder and better with other teams. These new regulations are an advantage to the team, but will also limit playing time with harder opponents such as Tot- tenville, Curtis and Benjamin Cardozo located in Staten Island and Queens respectively.

“The changes are in effort to create more competitive games out of the division and to create division rivalry within our borough,” said Coach Michael Giordano, “In regards to competition, on paper, this seems to be a step in the right direction. Although the intense games against Staten Island will be cut in half during the season, we will see new opponents and overall play more games. My only concern is playoff seeding for the current season and divisional seeding for the year following. If there is some kind of gray area, you can count on Midwood to be on the short-end of decisions.”

Walker ’16 said, “Facing with different teams we wouldn’t have expectations like we have in the past years which may change our mindset going into games and experiencing the different aspects of other teams’ abilities.”

Joselyne Pimentel ’16 said, “ I think it’s a good thing for the lower level teams, but since were consistently one of the top teams were losing out on playing some of the harder teams more than once.”

This new opportunity will give the team more chanc- es to hone and better their skills. Despite these changes, the girls’ lacrosse team is taking this as a grain of salt and has vowed to work even harder for the upcoming season.

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