New Phone System Aids Attendance Office

By Daniel Guobadia ‘16

Phone calls home to the entire school will now take just 20 minutes after the installation of a new phone messenger system. This new online system, which was actually installed over a year ago, has helped the attendance office tremendously. “The new system makes things a lot easier,” said Mr. Ross who works in the attendance office. “You can contact students and let them know things right away. It’s a tremendous advantage.

The online server system can do all this in just 20 minutes. This is a big improvement from the old system that operated on two lines and took over four days.

“With the old system, I would have to download all the attendance records by hand at the end of each day,” said Mr. Ross.

The online server can make over 100 calls at once. This allows the office to efficiently inform parents of emergencies and upcoming events such as Parent-Teacher conferences, Report Cards, and Open School Night. It also is used to make over 120 calls a day for late and absent students.

“The new system can do even more things that we aren’t taking advantage of yet,” said Mr. Ross. Apparently the phone messenger system can also e-mail parents and e-mail parents and even text their cellphones in case of an emergency.

This new system, which was founded through the school’s budget, is also saving the school money.

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