Key Club Spreads Holiday Spirit

By Anna Truong ‘16

With over one hundred clubs in the school, many opportunities are presented to students to obtain community service credits for their transcripts. Key Club, one of our major clubs, allows members to offer a helping hand to our community.

Recently, members participated in a gift-wrapping event took place between December 19 and December 23, during the afternoon and evening in Kings Plaza Mall. This event was to help raise money for the American Cancer Society-Relay For Life.

“People were very appreciative of what we were doing, especially since we were volunteering for an important cause,” said Holley Yi ’15, Key Club Webmaster. “They were also very generous with their donations which shows how much they cared for our cause.”

Since it was the holiday season, the mall was packed, hot and restless. The crowd buzzed with joy about the holidays and in this chaotic time the Key Club members helped by wrapping their presents in exchange for a suggested donation.

“I realized that even seemingly ordinary things like wrapping gifts could help make a big difference in giving back and contributing to the community,” said Yi. “There’s nothing too small to do in order to help others.”

Stephanie Kyi ’16, a member of Key Club said, “To be honest, the experience was tiring but amazing. I loved working with everyone and seeing peoples faces light up because of you is unexplainable”

Many Key Club members volunteered. They had the opportunity to interact with customers and hearing their fun and heartwarming stories.

“No stories were out of the ordinary, just grandparents were wrapping presents for their grandchildren and kids running up to you and screaming I’ve been good this year!” said Kyi ’16.

Emily Henning ’15, Key Club Secretary, stated, “It was amazing to help people out, and spread holiday joy!”

The next event in store for Key Club will be the soup kitchen event. The Key Club members will be serving food, cleaning tables, passing out vouchers, greeting guests, and making the guests feel as comfortable as they can.

“As of now there is no set date but the time is always the same, in the morning from 9:45 AM to 12:45 PM” said Jocelyn Young ’15, Key Club Treasurer.

Members who attended the previous soup kitchen event shared their thoughts and experiences.

Yusra Abdur ‘16 said, “I’ve always seen homeless people on the streets and given them money but I’ve never really felt how hungry they must’ve been. It was a really great experience and I enjoyed it.”

Najah Thurston ’16 stated, “Helping at the soup kitchen was interesting. I’d always wanted to help, so I’m glad Key Club gave me the opportunity to do so. I helped clean the tables after people left. Everyone was grateful that we were there, because we were taking time out of our day to serve them. While it was a rewarding job, I had to stand on my feet for more than an hour, which was really annoying.”

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