Hornets Take Control At Holiday Tournament

By Nicholas Richards ‘16 and Jadi Trumpet ‘16

Another win came after Midwood Hornets participated in the Monsignor tournament at St. Thomas high school on December 29, 2014.

“Holiday tournaments are a great opportunity to come together as a team,” said Mr. Gjecaj, head coach of the basketball team.

Devon Tash ’16, Jadi Trumpet ‘16, Markos Pilmakis ’15, Jesse Grossman ’15 and Patryk Trzankowski ’15 entered the court as the starting five. All five players came ready to compete against the Tilden High School Blue Devils.

“Each game allows you as a coach to see what we need to work on to keep improving,” said Mr. Gjecaj.

The players began to warm up. They all looked focused and determined for game day. They ran up and down the court, dribbled, and did layup drills. All of these drills allowed the team to get ready to complete the mission of getting a win.

The loud crowd cheered for the team while they waited for the game to start. The atmosphere of the gym had high inten- sity. A lot of dedicated fans came to support the basketball team.

The starting buzzer rang and the game began. The centers for both teams went to half court, and Hornets won the tip-off. The point guard, Devon Tash ’16, inbounded the ball and dribbled down the court. He distributed the ball to all his teammates looking for the open shot. The Hornets scored the first points successfully by swishing a three-pointer.

It didn’t stop there. All five players moved swiftly as they shuffled back and forth trying to guard their opponents. The Hornets played good defense and did not allow the Blue Devils to score many points.

Their game plan worked successfully for the first half of the game. “Red” and “Two Three” being their defense strategy, the Hornets were up 32-16 by halftime.

“Midwood is playing well and the players are in-sync,” said Janelle White ‘16, a fan.

After halftime, the players looked confident and wanted to close the game. Then the second half began.

In the second half the Hornets used their bench to add to their lead. Keishawn Butler ‘15 impacted the game in several ways. As the sixth man of the team he successfully scored multiple points to make the game out of reach.

“My focus is always to help my team get a W and me breaking down my defender and getting to the basket helps,” said Keishawn Butler.

The Hornets were close to a win at this point in the game. The team continued to play well. The team had other contributions like Jesse Grossman. He had many assists and re- bounds in the game. The team continued to follow their coach’s instruction and was able to conquer.

The ending score was 56-44 with the Hornets on top.

According to many fans, the fourth quarter was exciting, and they played well.

At the end of the game, Devon Tash was recognized for scoring the most points.

“I feel honored to have scored the most points of this game. I want to thank my coach and teammates. I will also use this experience to continue to work hard to achieve more accomplishments like this in the future,” said Devon Tash.

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