French 7 Brings Tristan et Yseult to Life

By Kimberly Ho ‘16 & Aneesa Ahmed ‘16 

Presentations brought out the creativity and confidence of the French 7 class as they played roles in the movie Tristan et Yseult. Acting out the scenes helped build their level of vocabulary and made them more confident in front of other students.

“Acting out the play helped them show how well they know the French language,” Raquel Flores ‘16 said. “The presentations were a great way to help students learn how to speak to a crowd.”

The movie was about a young couple, Tristan and Yseult, who fell in love, but Yseult must marry the Tristan’s uncle King Marc, to please her father. The scenes had many emotional and dramatic approaches such as the wedding and Tristan’s death. These were the types of scenes that the students dedicated their time to performing.

From the point of view of the play, Mariam Qayyum’16 said, “Love conquers all.”

Mrs. Marly Jean-Baptiste said, “The movie’s themes relate to the students and it touched them.”

Atifa Hoque ‘16 said, “When Mrs. Jean-Baptiste shows a movie, the class does a project such as role-playing.The movies help connect us to French literature and its history.”

While the students were presenting, the classmates respected them and watched quietly as the scenes were acted out. All of the presentations were completed in less than a week. The students prepared for their presentations during class time and also outside of class.

The presentations were similar to making a short movie. There were swords, costume changes, and some students wore make up. Each group had to make up their own lines and props for the scene they chose.

“It was interesting how everyone put effort into the play and also incorporated jokes into the play along with the use of props,” said Flores.

According to Qayyum, some people played roles of different genders than their own. For example, she played a male’s role.

“The costumes were interesting because of the swords, crowns, and the clothing,” Komal Zahid ‘16 said.

According to the students, this project helped build their self-esteem, raise their grades and increase their knowledge.

“Acting out these roles and taking time to put in effort into the play helped boost our grades,” said Abigail Ferdinand ‘15.

Chankele Winfield ‘16 said, “We became more confident and helped build our knowledge involving the French language and culture.”

At the end, each group decided the first, second, and third most interesting group in the presentations.

“The most interesting performance was obviously Chankele’s group because they ranked number one out of the class and I agree that they did the best,” stated Jerry Lu ‘16.

Mrs. Jean-Baptiste said, “Overall, I think everyone did better than expected.”

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