Baseball Team Joins Toughest Division

By Bruno Bavaro’16

Competition just got tougher for the Hornets baseball this season. There has been a change in their division structure with better teams added.

Due to the elite level of play throughout the PSAL, the PSAL baseball commissioner Rober H.Pertsas has decided to implement a third tier into the PSAL baseball spectrum. Different from the 2014 team distribution method, which contained only two divisions; A and B, the 2015 teams will be divided into three tiers. Based off of the Minor League Baseball system the divisions will be “A”, “AA”, and “AAA”.

The “AAA” division, which contains Midwood, will be the toughest division. Every team in the division has above a .500 percentage; for the most part these have been the teams making the playoffs and dominating the league. These well-coached teams include: Grand Street Campus, Telecommunication, High School for Construction, Madison and Midwood. Each of these teams with the exception of Madison finished at the top of their division and in the top ten in the city.

“We are facing as tough competition as we can see and there is a lot of work needed to be done in order to properly prepare for the season,” said Roy Wagner’16. “Having the whole winter away from baseball and without a coach, we have a lot of catching up to do.”

Usually the Hornets baseball team starts practicing ion the gym around Thanksgiving weekend. Since a coach was just assigned at the end of December, they were not able to do so. The team is already at a disadvantage losing ten seniors from last

year. “We’re a bunch of young players being that most teams are all seniors,” said Matthew Putterman’17. “Not many of us have played together with only ten returning from last year, so we have to work on our team chemistry.”

Coach Saverio Naedone was named head coach on December 23. A meeting was held on Thursday,January 8 for the players to meet their new coach. He works at Lafayette High School in Brooklyn and used to be the assistant coach for their baseball team. Players and parents are relieved that after the four long, coach less months the spot has finally been filled.

Coac Nardone has a lot of baseball experience playing the game his whole life and being part of a few coaching systems. He coached in Staten Island at Port Richmond and in Brooklyn at Lafayette High School. Along with advocating the benefits of sports in a teenager’s life, he also emphasizes the importance of academics.

“He’s a very vibrant and enthusiastic coach who after only one meeting has inspired us all to be great,” said Samuel Borstyn ’16. “All the guys seemed to be really happy with the new addition.”

Now having a coach it’s time for the boy’s baseball team to get back to work and prepare for another winning season and even a second straight division championship. With this new division there is no doubt in the boy’s minds that it will be tough but with a new coach and hard work anything is possible.

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