Midwood Media Wins First Place in Business Competition

By Samantha Castro ’16 and Isaiah Gelb ’16

Five media classes, also known as companies, competed to win a chance to make a media business club. After months of hard work, the results of the MsCclass Winner’s Circle Competition were announced on December 1.

Midwood Media won first place and is now working on the plans for the future club. Even though the four other companies lost, Midwood Media is planning to put all the companies together into a huge club, United Media Studios.

“Collaboration is the key to success,” said Savlatjon Rahmatulloev ‘18, from Midwood Media.

The competition began in October. Ms. Carpenter, the new video production teacher who’s in charge of the competition, explained that students are given the chance to make their own company, go against others, and launch themselves.

“The classes first learn that it’s not just a video production class anymore,” said Ms. Shanette Carpenter.

The companies split themselves into different departments such as fashion, sports, and music. During class, each department worked on their own projects for the company. A group of students, the executives, check on all the departments.

Each company based their projects on their “mission statement.” For example, Media Authority Studios’ mission statement is to create music, videos, films, and advertisements to help teens be themselves, according to a video Ms. Carpenter posted on their Youtube channel called Introducing Media Authority Studios.

“When kids first come to high school, they want to fit in,” said Sandy Elshehawi ‘18, “We wanted to inspire kids to be themselves and not change.”

Then, they put themselves out there in multiple types of media. Ms. Carpenter has an Instagram, Facebook, and a You- tube channel for the competition, where she constantly updates all three social media with their progress and creations.

Lastly, they advertised themselves to get supporters, which was the main goal throughout the competition. Carpenter expresses how important it is to have supporters for their company. Besides from flyers and posting videos on Youtube, they came up with creative ideas to promote themselves. For example, one of the companies, Session 6 Productions, handed out wristbands to those who voted for them. Another company, The Future United, had a robot called 2U as their mascot. Also, each company told everyone they knew to vote for them, including family, friends, and classmates.

“I told everyone on my contacts list to vote for us,” said Brians Louissient ‘16, from Think Ahead Entertainment, “I even called the pizza store. It didn’t work, but at least I tried.”

Like any other group, the companies had their problems. Not only were there disagreements but lack of cooperation at times, and just plain shyness. Most of the companies agreed that what held them back from making progress was that some members were shy. For example, Think Ahead Entertainment had problems deciding on their names because certain people didn’t like the names presented but didn’t propose their ideas because they were afraid of judgment from others. Another problem that some of the companies agreed with was control. Most of the companies had freshmen as executives and respect was hard to come by.

“It’s hard to control kids that are three years older than you,” Mr. Hoque ‘18 said, from The Future United.

At first, these problems served as setbacks but were soon overcome by the collaboration of everyone in the compa- nies. For example, Olivia Logan ‘18, from Session 6 Produc- tions, explains that since there were conflicting personalities, they couldn’t get much done.

“But, throughout these few months, everything started to melt together,” Logan said.

Aaron Mindanao ‘16, also from Session 6 Productions, added, “It just took one great idea to get everyone into it.”

This competition helped students not just by being able to add this on their resume but also taught them how marketing and media works.

“We’re always captivated by what we see on TV and don’t know why,” said Carpenter.

For instance, Louissient is a singer, songwriter, and poet, He plans to pursue a singing career in the future. With the help of the company, he made a music video called Chasing Dreams, which is on Youtube. He explains that he learned how to market himself better thanks to Ms. Carpenter’s media experience.

Ms. Carpenter has been in the media business for 15 years. She started by working on the radio and focused on music. As time went by, she transitioned into the marketing business. She enjoys working with young people, which is why she works with high school students. Her past students have published books and made songs that are on iTunes.

She explained how even though she enjoyed working with celebrities she enjoyed working with younger students more. She knew that kids and teenagers didn’t know that they were being tricked by marketing. So, she wanted to fix that.

“I can teach the kids, before they become adults, what branding really is,” said Carpenter. “They will be able to choose colleges better. They won’t just choose it because of the name.”

“I had to give the students the opportunity to not only run their own club at school,” said Ms. Carpenter in her YouTube video called MsCclass Winner’s Circle Competition Rewind, “But really showcase how much talent they have.”

winners circle

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