PSAL Ruling Brings New Opportunities for Lady Hornets

By Kelsie Gallego ‘16

Keturah Raymond ’15 contributed to this article.

New rules and regulations are being implemented by PSAL, and they’re affecting the girls Lacrosse team. The Public Schools Athletic League (PSAL) has re-aligned the divisions according to boroughs resulting in more games in the regular season and combined play- offs to involve more teams. Midwood specifically will now face all teams in Brooklyn twice and each team from the other boroughs once, totaling 16 games.

“I feel like it gives us more of a chance to meet new teams that we have never faced before and allows us to evolve as a team,” said Carrie Walker’16.

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Wrestlers Dominate The Mat

By Nicholas Pavlov ‘16

In interest of full disclosure, Nicholas Pavlov ’16 is on the wrestling team.

Midwood’s Wrestling team earned an outstanding victory on Monday, January 5 away from home against John Dewey high school. With a staggering score of 85-0, the Hornets had yet to lose a match this season.

The Hornets recorded five pins, two major decisions, and eight victories

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Baseball Team Joins Toughest Division

By Bruno Bavaro’16

Competition just got tougher for the Hornets baseball this season. There has been a change in their division structure with better teams added.

Due to the elite level of play throughout the PSAL, the PSAL baseball commissioner Rober H.Pertsas has decided to implement a third tier into the PSAL baseball spectrum. Different from the 2014 team distribution method, which contained only two divisions; A and B, the 2015 teams will be divided into three tiers. Based off of the Minor League Baseball system the divisions will be “A”, “AA”, and “AAA”.

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Matisse Exhibit Brings Color to New York

By Adela Julevic ‘16

Splashes of bright colors and intricate shapes of fruits, flowers, people, and animals attracted waves of all age groups to the Henri Matisse: The Cut-Outs exhibit on the sixth floor of the Museum of Modern Art.

Half of the floor consisted of the actual exhibit, while the rest of the floor consisted of the gift shop selling calendars, notebooks, post cards, and copies of the artwork.

A blue and white wall near the entrance greeted the guests. The wall displayed Henri Matisse’s biography, which could be read while standing on line or as you enter.

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New Phone System Aids Attendance Office

By Daniel Guobadia ‘16

Phone calls home to the entire school will now take just 20 minutes after the installation of a new phone messenger system. This new online system, which was actually installed over a year ago, has helped the attendance office tremendously. “The new system makes things a lot easier,” said Mr. Ross who works in the attendance office. “You can contact students and let them know things right away. It’s a tremendous advantage.

The online server system can do all this in just 20 minutes. This is a big improvement from the old system that operated on two lines and took over four days.

“With the old system, I would have to download all the attendance records by hand at the end of each day,” said Mr. Ross.

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Tutoring Saves Physics Grade

By Samuel Makarovskiy ‘16 

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction, so putting in more effort pays back better results.

Struggling in physics is not abnormal. Physics is not just a math class with a problem and a variable to solve for, nor is it a typical science class where information is simply memorized. Instead, formulas are applied to problems based on logical applicability at which point a mathematical solution is derived. Mathematics and logical reasoning had formally been separate during most students’ academic experiences until physics came along. Confusion is perfectly understandable and nothing to be ashamed of.

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Ocean Science Team Requires Intense Studying

By Kelly Yuen ‘16 

Ocean science is tougher than it seems. With multiple branches of science involved such as Physics, Biology, Environmental Science, Earth Science, and Astronomy, the Ocean Science Team is constantly studying and working hard. Their acquired knowledge is then shown in a regional competition in the late winter followed by national competition in the early spring if they place first in regionals.

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Library Printing Limits Cause a Stir

By Karen Cherkas’16 and Jesus Patino’16 

The library printing limit minimizes the number of pages students can print to five by making them put in their pin numbers when they have to print.

Librarian, Ms. Emily Cornell explained, “There’s a printing limit because kids take advantage. Sometimes students print things that they don’t actually need. We also need to be resourceful.”

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