Stronger Gun Laws Are Necessary

By Jesse Grossman ‘15

In 2012, 20 year-old Adam Lanza broke into Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut, shooting 20 students and six adults, according to CNN News article, Sandy Hook shooting: What happened? In the same year, insane and armed, James Holmes charged into a Denver movie theater, killing 12 and injuring 58, according to the CNN News, Colorado Theater Shooting Fast Facts. These incidents pose a problem that has existed in this country for over 100 years.

As a country, we must amend the Second Amendment to adjust to a changing climate. Every American has the right to bear arms, which might have been necessary when the Bill of Rights was written – the U.S. had just ended the revolutionary war and was nearing the Battle of 1812 with Britain – yet when you think of the time that the Bill in the realm of the past 150 years, there has not been a war on U.S. soil since the Civil War in 1865. No one lives next to a battleground and “well-regulat- ed militias” do not exist anymore.

Why does anyone have the right to end someone’s life at any moment? Regardless of psych evaluations, background checks, and proof of citizenship among other things that go into getting a gun license, people have breaking points and if they have a gun, they have the power to kill anyone.

The police force in England does not carry guns, just batons. Realistically, this is not a policy that the U.S. can adopt right now because of the numerous ways of acquiring guns illegally. The ultimate goal, however, is to have an exodus of all guns out of the country. Initially, this would include eliminating the second amendment, and only allowing the police to carry guns while focusing on stopping all illegal sale and distribution of guns.

Gun advocates believe guns are necessary for self-defense, yet the only reason someone would need a gun is to protect him/herself from another armed person. Without any firearms at all, there is no need to own a gun for “protection”.

Owning a gun is a right that no one needs anymore. For now, it should be exclusively kept by police and in the future, be officially removed from everyone in the country. The so-called protection it keeps is only from others with guns. The country must adjust to a changing climate or we cannot grow for the future.

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