Quality Snapshot and Review Brings Positive Results

By Daniel Guobadia ‘16

Although the school’s scores weren’t perfect, the principal and students were proud of their school’s performance on the recently released Quality Snapshot and Review.

The Quality Snapshot and Review, which was released November 10, discarded the old system of letter grades and gave the school scores of proficient, meeting target, and good standing, which were all the second highest grades a school could receive.

According to Principal Michael McDonnell, the changes were made by Chancellor Carmen Fariña in order to measure a school’s progress over time.

The Quality Guide and Quality Review gave an in-depth look at the school’s academic performance. They graded schools on a scale of well developed to underdeveloped. The next highest marks were proficient and developing.

“I like some of the measure they’ve taken, and I dislike others,” said Principal McDonnell in reference to the new grading systems.

According to the principal, the new system pits schools against other schools that are supposedly like them. Midwood was graded along with schools like Edward R. Murrow and Forrest Hills, which the principal didn’t mind. However, the school was also graded with smaller schools which hurt Midwood’s grade.

“There is no other school like Midwood,” said Mr. McDonnell.

Despite this, Midwood received a score of proficient or higher in all but one category in both the quality guide and review. The school also received an overall score of proficient, which is the same score that specialized high schools, such as Brooklyn Tech received.

Pauletta Lazarevskiy’17 said, “That just shows you don’t have to go to a specialized school to get a good education,”

Although we did lag behind the city’s specialized schools in certain areas, students saw little room for improvement.

“I like how the school is,” said Lazarevskiy ’17. “I like how there are different clubs, teams.”

However, the principal believes the school still has the ability to grow, as he simply put it “We can always get better”.

The principal also believes the school’s grade would improve if students took the surveys more seriously.

“I really want to stress this through Argus,” said the principal. “Even though the surveys may not have a direct effect on the students, they do reflect on the reputation of this building.”

According to him, the Quality Reviews have no effect on a student’s chance of getting into a prestigious college.

“Colleges know what their getting from Midwood students due to their predecessors,” said Mr. McDonnell.

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