Planners Keep Students On Track

By Jocelyn Chen ‘16 

Free planners given out annually in gym and health classes benefit students by helping them “Stay on TRAC (think, record, act, and check)”.

“If students use their planners properly,” said Mr. Steve Basile, physical education teacher, “it will help their academic performance.”

The health curriculum requires teachers to instruct students on how to properly use their planner. The planners help them to think about their weekly goals, record tasks that need to be completed, act and plan out their time, and check what they did by reviewing and reflecting. According to Mr. Basile, teaching students about planners displayed positive feedback regarding students’ use of planners.

“Planners are great,” said Kimberly Ho ‘16. “I use my planner everyday and it keeps me organized.”

Shirly Li, second year student at Brooklyn College said, “Planners prepared me for future tasks by giving me a routine I kept following.”

Organizational skills can be developed, which can be useful in college. According to Yulissa Chung, first year student at Kingsborough Community College, using a planner every year in high school helped her plan out her everyday tasks and contributed to her future skills. Her school also provides students with convenient and free planners to help them save money and stay organized.

“Since my school does not offer free planners, I sometimes forget to do my homework and study for future tests,” said Kristen Li, junior at John Dewey High School.

Anna Ng ‘15 said, “I’m grateful they gave out planners for free, It helps me know about future quizzes and exams.”

Students whose schools do not provide free planners often forget about tasks they have to do or forget to prepare for future tests and quizzes.

“The planner doesn’t provide a lot of space,” said Jhecy Balansag ‘16, “so I prefer to use an old notebook, which offers more for me to write on.”

David Xiao ‘17 said, “The planner takes up too much space in my school bag. Binders and notebooks can get in the way and ruin the spiral of the school planner.”

Despite the benefit of free planners, some students do not use them due to limiting factors such as space to write on, not enough time to copy homework at the end of class, and weight.

“Planners are unnecessary,” said Nicolas Armando ‘17. “Goals shouldn’t have to be written down and homework can be posted up on PupilPath or kept on a phone.”

Alternative ways to keep track of homework and future tasks include teachers posting assignments on PupilPath and using a phone or a notebook. However, some teachers do not use PupilPath and information on a notebook or phone can be easily forgotten if they are not checked daily.

“I don’t use the planner,” said Xiao Qing Liu ‘17. “However, I somehow forget to prepare for tests. I end up regretting it and feel like I should’ve remembered.”

The disadvantages of not using planners include forgetting homework and not preparing for tests, which can heavily affect a student’s academic performance. Planners are necessary for a student to achieve academic success.

“Students who get instructed in health class to use planner benefit greatly from them,” said Mr. Basile. “Students handed planners without instructions don’t use them as much as others.”

Xiao said, “Regardless of the disadvantages of a school planner, they help you finish everything before going to school.”

Although each planner costs the school $4.19, they do not waste the school’s budget since these planners benefit students. However, some students do not use them. According to Mr. Basile, students can use planners more effectively if they receive it a certain period and are taught lessons on the proper use of planners. Planners can be used properly and more frequently by more students if they are educated on the benefits of planners.

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