Ping Pong Club Welcomes New Players To The Table

By Christine Ly ‘16 

It’s time to get your paddles and arms ready to play multiple matches in the Ping-Pong Club every Thursday in room B56B.

“I have a lot of fun. We held a couple of contests here and we play many games of doubles Ping-Pong,” said Brandon Masri ’15, club manager.

Ping-Pong, also known as table tennis, is a game that involves concentration and practice, but can also be a good opportunity to socialize with others.

“My friend introduced me to this club and I wanted to learn how to play because it is interesting,” said Jessica Lin ’16. “When you start getting competitive, it is fun and exciting.”

Anyone can  join the club. Students can learn from scratch and continue to play according to the club advisor, Mr. Nigel Pestano. There are around 20 to 25 members right now.

“Since I had Mr. Pestano as a teacher, he would talk about the Ping-Pong Club from time to time, so I thought I would join,” said Amanda Kwong ’16. “The experience was really good and I was surprised that many of my friends knew how to play Ping-Pong.”

According to Mr. Pestano, the Ping-Pong Club was created four years ago after one of his students jokingly challenged him to a Ping-Pong match since he was known as a star player.

“We didn’t have any tables, so the seniors and I convinced the school to buy the first two tables,” said Mr. Pestano. “Ping-Pong was a big part of my life growing up, so I knew how fun it was.”

Mr. Pestano stated that the school buys the majority of the supplies, which include the tables while he pays for some of the paddles and balls.

“We used to fundraise by selling candy and fruit snacks,” commented Mr. Pestano.

There are constant cheers and excitement in the room as students play against each other in either singles or doubles matches.

“The team games are very intense and help me understand my partner who always changes since its first come first serve,” said Jhecy Balansag ’16.

The sense of competition never disappears as the students compete in Uno card games while waiting for a chance to play on the limited three Ping-Pong tables in the room.

“I’m really bad at Ping-Pong, so I play Uno instead,” said Colleen Simon ’16. “The matches get really intense and there is a lot of screaming, but it’s really fun.”

Christian Boateng ’15 said, “I have lots of fun whether its playing Ping-Pong or other card games. I feel so relaxed and stress free.”

The addition of the third Ping-Pong table has brought the energy level in  the club up as it allows more students to play.

“Now that we have a third table, we’re going to hold an in house competition to figure out who the best player is,” said Mr. Pestano. “It’s going to be held within the two weeks before Christmas break.”

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