Lacrosse Club Seeks New Members

By Adela Julevic ‘16

Pick up your sticks and put on your goggles because the girl’s lacrosse club is now welcoming members. Mr. Michael Giordano, the girls varsity lacrosse coach, and Emily Sorge ’16 started the club to spread the love of the game, to keep fellow students in shape, and to continue lacrosse gym during offseason.

“We are starting the club because we aren’t able to have lacrosse gym during February,” said Sorge. “The team wants to be able to practice the month before season starts and the club enables us to do so.”

The lacrosse club will not be a substitute for gym credits.

There will be no lacrosse gym during February, which is a concern to the girl’s lacrosse team because season starts in March.

“The main reason for our success in New York City lacrosse is that we invest into year round lacrosse,” said Giordano. “We want to make sure that our athletes have their sticks in their hands as much as possible. Lacrosse is the fastest growing sport in New York City, and I want Midwood to continue being a powerhouse in not only Brooklyn, but also the city. We were first place in the city last year and I’m hoping to continue the success,”

Last season the girl’s varsity team was tied with Tottenville and Curtis for first in the city 11-2. The girl’s junior varsity team was also successful with a 3 wins and 3 losses.

One of the purposes of the team is to spread the love of the game and get more girls interested in the highly competitive sport.

“The lacrosse club is a great way to keep the athletes working during February and is also a great way to spread the love of lacrosse to others who are interested,” said Sorge.

The club also works as a balance for those who enjoy playing the sport but cannot commit to a team.

“I think it’s a good idea. It’s for anyone who wants to be in a club and not on a team,” said Arfa Qadeer ’17. “It’s helpful for people who want to be on the lacrosse team and for people who just want to learn the game.”

Mr. Giordano said that the club would allow the members to learn the concepts, skills, and strategies of the game, along with building on fitness and experiencing a team-like atmosphere.

“I think the lacrosse club will allow even more girls to try lacrosse and be active without the full commitment and pressures of a team. It will also enable the girls who did not make team to continue to play and keep practicing lacrosse,” said Maya Miller ’16.

The lacrosse club will consist mostly of the girl’s lacrosse team members, both junior varsity and varsity teams. The team members will help club members new to the game and, of course, practice for the upcoming season.

“I think it seems like an interesting club that will allow other students who aren’t on the team to be involved and have a chance at learning the game,” said Farha Hussain ’16.

While the new members are learning the game, members of the lacrosse team are perfecting their skills and conditioning for season.

“I think it’ll attract more students to the sport and give current players an extra opportunity to work on their skills with their coaches,” said Sabrina Gorodetsky ’17.

The club will meet during the beginning of the spring semester. The days and location have yet to be determined. Any student interested can contact Mr. Giordano.

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