French 7 Takes a Trip

By Kimberly Ho & Amanda Kwong ‘16

French 7 watched a dance performance and ate at a restaurant for an enriching experience of French culture, on Tuesday, November 25 in Manhattan.

“Instead of reading from a book, the students get to have a firsthand experience of the French Culture,” Ms. Marly Jean-Baptiste said, “The performance was wonderful, everything was great, the kids were very well behaved and the parents were nice enough to volunteer and chaperone for us.”

The class went to watch the dance performance, Patien(ce), at the French Institute Alliance Française. After that, they went to La Bonne Soupe Restaurant located on W 55th street in Manhattan.

“It was a very nice dance performance, it was very unique, creative, and Stefanie Bland was charismatic,” said Daniela Lara ‘16.

Choreographed by Stefanie Batten Bland, Patien(ce), is a father daughter project. This work inspired by a controversial contemporary composer and filmmaker, Ed Bland, Ms. Bland’s father.

“The performance was creative and throughout the performance, the meaning of the white cloth change along with the music and lighting,” said Atifa Hoque ‘16.

According to the Patien(ce) introductory pamphlet, Patien(ce) is a performance that is based upon musical and physical conversations between her and her father – that of the ever changing eternal present – was interrupted by his sudden passing.

“The performance was weird and different, which made it so unique and special,” Chankele Winfield ‘16 said.

Although Ms. Jean-Baptiste was satisfied with the performances every year, this performance shocked her because this time the kids were able to go onto the stage. Many of our own students danced and experienced what it was like on the stage.

“The performance was very interesting, it got the audience involved and they were allowed to go on stage,” said Jerry Lu ‘16.

After the performance, French 7 ate lunch at a 4-star French Restaurant, La Bonne Soupe. There were many positive reviews about the food and its proportions and student said it was well worth it.

Lara said, “The food was definitely different from your typical American cuisine. Like even the burger had French twist it in.”

According to Lara, the burger came with fries that was much thinner and crunchier than McDonald’s.

Even though this trip was limited to one class, the students had a great time.

“The only thing I didn’t like about the trip was that I was limited to bringing only one class,” Ms. Jean-Baptiste said, “If I were able to bring more than one class I would have loved to.”

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