Donations Help Needy

By Khadija Hasne ‘16 

Toy cars, dolls, blocks and puzzles are among some of the few gifts Hornets are donating to the Key Club’s Toy Drive to help the needy and underprivileged children of New York. Throughout December, there will be a bin in the lobby for the toys that will then be distributed by the Hance Family Foundation. Also, going on throughout December is a canned food drive. Donations for the food drive will additionally be accepted in the lobby by Help Out Poverty Stricken (HOPS). The donated goods will benefit the needy families of New York.

The Hance Family Foundation was founded to honor the memories of their three children Emma, Alyson, and Katie Hance who died in a car accident on July 26, 2009. The Hance Family Foundation is dedicated to providing innovative educational programs for children of all ages and abilities and to support innovative self-esteem educational program for girls. The HFF’s has reached out to thousands of children and has the largest and most far-reaching original program of self-esteem education for girls.

The Hance Family Foundation has an annual toy drive and the school will be partaking in their efforts as usual. The toy drive spreads holiday cheer to the less fortunate and under privileged children of New York. This foundation distributes the toys to St. Luke’s & St. Ann’s, The Bronx, Hempstead/ Freeport/ Jamaica/Floral Park, WPA, East NY (Woman’s Prison Association), PS 146, Harlem, and New York City Housing Authority. Ms. Kendra Lane and Ms. Stephanie Gluck are in charge and run the toy drive every year.

“Ms. Gluck and I stumbled upon the toy drive and thought it was something that needed to happen, holidays can be tough for some people and it’s a good way for students to help out and be involved,” said Ms. Lane, “I love it, helping people especially around the holiday time when under privileged children can really feel hardships, the toy drive can really impact the lives of under privileged kids and put a smile on their face.”

Christina Charles ‘16 said, “Around the holiday time kids that don’t have anything really feel like they don’t have anything which is why I donated. I love to help people especially when it would put a smile on their faces.” Hibah Nassr ‘15 said, “ Every kid deserves to have toys growing up and most families cant afford them which makes the kids feel left out and different. This event really impacts kids and makes them fell special and gives them something they wouldn’t otherwise have gotten.”

HOPS, along with Ms. Marcia Kaufman, run the canned food drive every year in an effort to help out the needy families in New York.

“ A full stomach on Christmas is a feeling everyone should have,” said Ms.Kuffman, “Helping people is the best feeling especially when its helping people have food.”

Zoya Mahammed’ 16 said, “Donating is the greatest feeling in the world, to know you helped people have something as crucial as food.”

Samiha Sayef ’16 said, “I wanted to donate because I thought about how it would really help the needy and make the holiday season a little better for them.”

Kim Pichardo’ 16 said, “ Having food is something everybody should have period, which is why I felt donating was a no brainer choice.”

The success and impact of the canned food drive and toy drive rests upon the shoulders of the students. The more students who donate, the wider the scale of needy families receiving goods.

Ms. Kauffman said, “It’s a real student effort not just mine, the more students give, the more needy people can receive.”

Chankele Winifield’ 16 said, “ Under privileged kids can feel sad when they do not have the same things as everyone else, which is why these events really change lives.”

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