Come and code with us New Programming Club Garners Interest

By Shazem Khalid ‘16

“Trust me, I’m a programmer </code>.” Is the slogan for the new Coding club led by Quetourah Dalencourt ‘16 and Ms. Lisa Ali. This club gives opportunities for those seeking to learn about coding as well as for those who already have coding experience.

“I made the club because I wanted to be able to program with other people,” said Dalencourt.

Attendants of the programming club learn how to program using GIT, software designed for easy and quick programming for beginners. GIT utilizes basic command functions such as “pull” which pulls data from a repository or “push” which pushes data into another repository. Learning how to program helps people help when they face computer issues which they normally wouldn’t be able to fix.

“When my computer didn’t start up, it just showed me error messages that I couldn’t understand.” said Tyreek Mcintosh ‘16, “I had to take it to the repair shop and paid a good bit of money for a 1-hour fix up.”

The atmosphere in the coding club is friendly as many attendants are friends with each other. Learning to code is also a friend making experience as people may ask others around them to fix an issue they got while coding. Often times people leave their station to go help other people because they know how to fix a problem, or to ask different people for advice on a common issue.

“When I heard about the club, I dragged my friend along to join,” said Ephron Chatteram ‘16.

The first big task of the Programming club was a request from Midwood’s Argus Newspaper. The Argus website’s current layout is a bit dull with its plain black and white look. Argus asked if the programming club could help spruce it up and look more current with 2014, asking for elaborate colors so it could be much more captivating to readers. This gives new programmers a chance to both learn how to program and contribute to the school as well as getting their names on the Argus website’s publication.

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