Amnesty International Spreads Holiday Cheer

By Areeg Naeem ‘15

Fatima Tariq ‘15 contributed to this article.

Students wrote encouraging and heartwarming cards to prisoners who were wrongly accused of crimes in various countries during the Amnesty international Holiday Card Drive as part of Amnesty’s Write For Rights campaign on December 16 in the lobby.

“I feel that Amnesty’s holiday card drive was a huge success,” said Fatima Tariq ’15, the club president. “As part of Amnesty International, we write to express our concerns about victims of human rights abuse on a weekly basis but with this event, we incorporated the spirit of holiday benevolence.”

The Holiday Card drive is an opportunity for students to directly communicate with those who are afflicted with human rights violations. Students were able to read about this year’s cases which included an unjust abortion ban in El Salvador, USA survivors of police torture that were denied justice, a Palestine community leader that was targeted for activism and many more such cases.

They were able to express their feelings and empathy through these cards that will be mailed to the prisoners during the holiday in order to give them renewed encouragement and strength.

“They make people in dire situations feel cared about,” said club member, Sabrina Crivellone ‘16. “The words of people that don’t even know these prisoners makes them feel like they’re not alone. The people in jail who protested for rights would like to know that their actions were not for naught.”

This Holiday Card drive did not go unnoticed and curious students wandered by the table to learn more about the injustices occurring in foreign countries. Upon hearing the cases, they immediately wrote cards to the respective prisoners.

“By writing these holiday cards, I feel that I am able to assure that these political prisoners voices are heard and that justice will prevail,” said Helen Tang ‘16. “Not only does it make me feel like I am giving a chance for their voices to be heard, but it makes me believe that I can give them hope.”

The Midwood community surely came together and were able to write an impressive amount of cards for the prisoners. They have demanded that the rights of these individuals are respected and protected. In order to learn more about these cases and to take action, go to

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