Kwanzaa Fest Celebrates African Culture

By Huonna McCarthy and Ashley Ferguson ‘16 Traditional African dancing, poetry reading, music and role playing brought spectators to their feet at the Kwanzaa Festival, which was held in the auditorium on Wednesday, December 17. “From the dancing to the inspirational speeches, Kwanzaa fest was really amazing,” said Maya Mendonca ‘16 “ It really gave me that ‘Oh my gosh’ expression.” Kwanzaa is an African- … Continue reading Kwanzaa Fest Celebrates African Culture

Ping Pong Club Welcomes New Players To The Table

By Christine Ly ‘16  It’s time to get your paddles and arms ready to play multiple matches in the Ping-Pong Club every Thursday in room B56B. “I have a lot of fun. We held a couple of contests here and we play many games of doubles Ping-Pong,” said Brandon Masri ’15, club manager. Ping-Pong, also known as table tennis, is a game that involves concentration … Continue reading Ping Pong Club Welcomes New Players To The Table

Skepticism Surrounds Safety of E – Cigarettes

By Quetourah Dalencourt ’16, Tyron Matthews ’16, Hadiga Batool ‘16 Smokers and non-smokers alike are joining the trend of e-cigarettes, but their harmfulness is under speculation. The product’s manufacturers and many scientists have praised E-cigarettes for being safer than tobacco cigarettes. “Obviously, it would be best if smokers could quit completely,” said Professor Michael Siegal, according to “But if that’s not possible, I think … Continue reading Skepticism Surrounds Safety of E – Cigarettes

Diversity Welcome Here

By Thurman Truong ‘16 and Jesus Patino ‘16 America is known as the melting pot of the world, a country that is diverse in both tradition and culture. Every individual in the United States his own story to tell, particularly the ones who were not born here. An estimated 13 percent of the U.S. population, 40.8 million, consists of immigrants, according to the U.S. Census … Continue reading Diversity Welcome Here

PSAL Sets Standards For Players

By Sam Boorstyn ‘16  and Christian Orando ‘16 PSAL “student athletes” are held to a set of standards regulating athletic eligibility which range from rules on minimum credits and attendance to maintaining amateur status. According to Cathy Okhrimchuck ‘16, a Midwood girls varsity lacrosse player, the rules are fair and completely necessary. She believes that grades are more important than sports. “This is because you … Continue reading PSAL Sets Standards For Players

Volleyball Hopes to Spike Rival Teams

By Kenny Isufi ‘15 Championship is the only thing the Hornets have their minds on this season. After an 8-4 finish and making the playoffs again, the boys’ volleyball team looks to improve upon last year’s success. “I don’t think we performed at our highest level last year,” said Captain Haris Popinara ’15. “This year we look to win the division and go deep in … Continue reading Volleyball Hopes to Spike Rival Teams

Stronger Gun Laws Are Necessary

By Jesse Grossman ‘15 In 2012, 20 year-old Adam Lanza broke into Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut, shooting 20 students and six adults, according to CNN News article, Sandy Hook shooting: What happened? In the same year, insane and armed, James Holmes charged into a Denver movie theater, killing 12 and injuring 58, according to the CNN News, Colorado Theater Shooting Fast Facts. These … Continue reading Stronger Gun Laws Are Necessary

Cold Weather Blows Teams Indoors

By Kimoi Felmine ‘16 and Karen Cherkas ‘16 As the temperatures drop, the cold wind has swept school teams and gym classes off of Midwood Field. Principal Michael McDonnell set down a final rule that it will no longer be available for use in harsh weather conditions, defined as below 40 degrees. This rule is in effect from December 1 till March 1. “Every coach … Continue reading Cold Weather Blows Teams Indoors

Apps Help Students Succeed

By Nicholas Pavlov ‘16 Cell phones aren’t just for Facebook and Instagram. They are also excellent study partners, and they help students get through their daily lives. Many students rely on apps because they help students make the class grade they so dearly desire. Whether it’s math problems, flash cards, study guides, planners or even translators; educational apps will help students prosper. “Ever since my … Continue reading Apps Help Students Succeed

Hornets Swim Past Competition

By Miriam Gabay ‘15 With eight new swimmers and a record of 2-0-1, the boys’ swim team started their season off with a splash. Breezing through their first meet against High School of Telecommunications, the boys prepared for their second meet against Fort Hamilton, one of the toughest teams in the Brooklyn division. Since Fort Hamilton destroyed the Hornets by 21 points last year, the … Continue reading Hornets Swim Past Competition