School Dance Gets A Chance

By Paige Vosges ‘16 

Get ready to dance again! The dance was approved, and it will be held in the spring term in the gym.

After a long and stressful process of running students down in the hallways for their signatures, the principal agreed to have a school dance as long there are no outsiders and students act accordingly.

“Mr. McDonnell was more open-minded and willing to compromise instead of immediately shutting down the idea. He set regulations that were mandatory,” said Gabrielle Wilks ’16. Currently, the exact date and cost of the event has not been confirmed.

“I believe that encouraging a school dance would benefit the student body because it gives students a chance to mingle with other students outside their grade and program,” said Dominique Semple ’15. “In a school that contains as many kids as ours, it is easy for students to just stick to their ‘clique’, so encouraging this dance ultimately allows for the Midwood community to come together.”

Years ago there were dances for various events. However, it was reported that during the last event, there was a serious altercation involving students, which made the principal at the time, Mr. Zwishon, cease all dances. In an effort to better secure this year’s dance, school administration prohibits the attendance of any non-Midwood students.

“I think dances are a fun idea. They are inexpensive to host and could be fun if students behave,” said Ms.Guida a former Midwood student. “People certainly have fun dancing at the prom, and that is just a school dance on a better scale. I think the students have an opportunity to show that they can be trusted. If this is a success, then there is a greater chance that future dances will be supported.”

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