Journalist Advises Students

By Daniel Guobadia ‘16 

Associated Press had the accomplished journalist Jonathon Fahey come to journalist classes on October 20. He enlightened the students about the world of newspapers and media.

According to Associated Press journalist Jonathon Fahey, the AP is a not-for-profit news cooperative owned by its American newspaper and broadcast members.

It was created during the Civil War so that the New York newspapers of that time could share information from the front since they did not have the resources to send individual reporters to cover the war.

The AP supplies news to newspaper, radio, and television stations. They have 282 locations worldwide in 110 countries. They deliver news to 3.5 billion people through 15,000 news outlets. Fahey has been employed there since 2010.

“Journalists who can use words, graphics, audio, photos, and video will be able to reach more people in more ways, tell more vibrant stories and appeal to more news organizations,” said Fahey.

Fahey spoke to all three journalism classes for about 45 minutes each. He told the students about his long career as a journalist and gave them tips on how to be good journalists themselves.

“Journalism is a perfect career for me because I am a curious person,” said Fahey. “I like to ask questions and find answers.”

Ben Carlton ‘16, an aspiring journalist said, “He helped me to understand that getting to a good job in journalism may take a long time, with many small positions along the way.”

Fahey’s presentation gave students a glance at the world of journalism. Fahey also showed them that they must work hard to get to the top. According to him, small jobs give a lot of experience.

“I started my career as a news clerk on the Metro desk at The New York Times,” said Fahey. “I summarized stories for planning meetings, helped editors track down reporters and made sure drafts of stories got to the right editors at the right times.”

Despite the work load of his first job, Fahey never lost his passion for the career.

“Every day I come to work with a goal of discovering something new,” he said. “That means I’m continually learning new things or discovering new ways of looking at things,” said Alberto Wickehem’83.

Many students were curious about the obstacles Fahey faced in his career. He said he doesn’t usually have trouble getting people to talk because most people want to tell their side of the story.

Fahey has worked at a variety of different newspapers from The New York Times for ten years, to a small paper in New Hampshire.

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