Students Prep For Med School

By Natalia Wiater ‘16
Becoming a doctor takes years of hard work and dedication, but a new club is in the works to help students achieve their goals. For the first time, a club is being created for aspiring doctors of medicine, chemistry, physics, and other occupations: Future Doctors of Midwood.  The club is not yet fully in effect,  however, since the student government has to vote on whether or not to make it official sometime this month.
However, this does not deter rising interest. Approximately 20 students have shown interest in the club and attended the first meeting. In order to gain the club even more recognition, members spread the word to their friends and created posters that will be hung up around the school.
“Future Doctors of Midwood seems like an amazing tribute to the Midwood society,” Sayahi Suthakaran ‘16 said. “I was looking for a club that is competitive and has a chance for students to let their voices be heard.”
During the meetings that will be held every other Thursday after period 10 in room A314, members will have plenty to do. They will debate various topics, such as abortion and euthanasia, and Belli hopes that they will be able to raise enough money to perform dissections sometime in the future. Trips might include visiting research institutes, or shadowing doctors to see what their jobs are like.
After club founder Irla Belli ‘16 came up with the idea for the club over the summer, she enlisted the help of chemistry teacher Ms. Mosley.
“My main objective with this is to not just show colleges what we can do, but to help the members of the club learn about current issues in the [medical] world,” said Belli.
Although the club was initially supposed to only be for medical doctors, Ms. Mosley wanted to expand the club to be for any doctor in general, and to explore what it means to be a lifelong scientist. Mosley also wanted to raise awareness for female doctors.“Women tend to not get higher degrees,” Mosley said.
If the student government says yes to the club, a whole new range of possibilities will open up to students who want to pursue a career as a doctor or want to see if it is the right choice.

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