College Fair Answers Applicants’ Questions

By Victoria Cheng ‘16 and Christine Ly ‘16 

Juniors and seniors exchanged questions for answers with college representatives to gather information during the College Fair on October 16.

“I got information on a bunch of colleges that were there,” said Jennifer Xu ‘15. “There is so much information about everything, such as financial aid, tuition, class size, and best program.”

Juniors, who have started to think about which colleges to apply for, had their future plans influenced by the answers given by the representatives at the fair.

“It gave me knowledge of what colleges matched the majors I want to pursue and the amount of money I will have to spend for those classes,” said Erica Lo ’16. 

Allan Krasner ‘16 said, “The people that represented the colleges were very friendly and helped me have more options of where to go.”

About 180 schools and about 600 to 700 students, including family members, attended the College Fair said Sharon Kaminer, secretary administrator of the College Office.

The College Fair had booths set up with banners and flags, showing off school spirit of specific colleges.  Representatives of colleges from across the United States showed up, including University of Notre Dame, Pennsylvania State University and University of Chicago.

Many of the college representatives had pamphlets with general information about their campuses, tour dates, and what they offer. There were also papers that allowed students to sign up for newsletters from the college through their email.

“After going to the College Fair and learning more information, I was able to weigh the colleges amongst each other and help me decide where to apply,” said Khubaib Zaman ‘15

Students who missed this college fair can go to the one hosted by Edward R. Murrow High School during the spring.

“It’s an opportunity for both schools to meet with representatives two times in the year,” Kaminer said. “The sophomores usually go to their fair and the seniors and juniors go to my fair.”

With more than one college fair, there are plenty of opportunities to meet with the college representatives who may not have shown up during one of them.

“It’s important to meet with the representatives because those are the ones with who are reading the applications and if something you do or say stands out, they may say ‘Oh, I remember that student’,” commented Kaminer.

Latema Miller, college representative and assistant director of admissions of the New York Institute of Technology, said, “The advice I would tell them [students] is to definitely make sure that what they are choosing is something that they’re going to be happy with for the rest of their lives.”

Students must be sure and satisfied with what they are doing, not just doing it to make money, Miller added. “I always ask, ‘If you could do anything in the world and not get paid for it, what would it be?’ ”

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