Club Empowers Women

By Annie Chen ‘16 and Tingting Fang ‘16

Young lady hornets are voicing their opinions in the new Women in Power Club.

There are about 15-20 juniors and seniors who show up to the meetings.  The club does not run every year depending on the number of people who want to join.  This year, Sarah Bord ‘16 brought to Ms. Kotler’s attention on having the club again. Sarah wanted to educate people about equal rights and bring to light serious problems.

“It’s a rejuvenating feeling to bring back this club with more girls and more support,” said Ms. Kotler. “Our goal this year is to team up with Brooklyn Tech’s women club and try to get inserted in health curriculum on teens related such as Date Rape and Teenage related issues.”

Club members come together once a week to discuss different topics that are pertinent to women; they talk about racism, abortion, and rape culture related topics.  Each week, a member of the group brings in a presentation or videos to share with everyone.

Diellza Dzafa ‘16 said, “In the many times I’ve gone to the meetings,  the members have nicely presented their videos and slideshows on the smartboard.”

One of the discussions included a recent topic that went viral online; a girl name Shoshana Roberts volunteered to walk for 10 hrs in Manhattan hearing catcalls. The members felt that it was disrespectful to women.

During the second week of the meeting, there was a guest speaker, Ammie Lin, a United Nations spokesperson and a Midwood alumni. “She was a very pleasant lady that introduced us to many different programs that can help contribute to our cause,” said Dzafa.

Lin discussed nonprofit organizations that help women around the world and in the U.S.  The club members learned about different organizations that bring women together to discuss the difficulties women like the Working Group on Girl’s; it informs women on issues such as date rape, feminism, and even the inequality of men and women.

“ I’ve been trying to get all my friends to join because we need to spread awareness for women’s empowerment!” said Tiffany Hong ‘16 eagerly, “I think everyone needs to be aware of what we can all do to continue striving for equal rights between guys and girls.”

Bord founded the club to reach out to students of all genders and show how they can contribute to a growing problem. She encourages students to speak up.

Bord said ,” If you’re for equal rights, want a safe space to voice your opinion,  and want to actually be heard then come by!”

The club takes place every Wednesday 9th period in room 4S.


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