4-H Leadership Club Gives Back

By Janelle White ‘16 and Jadi Trumpet ‘16

4-H, a new club that began as a chance to gain leadership skills and help with important issues throughout the world, meets on Thursdays in room A318.

The 4-H club is the nation’s largest youth development organization empowering six million young people said Brandon Mathurin ’16, the 4-H club president.

The club is described as a community of people that helps to better others as well as the world.

“The club teaches you to give back to the community in greater ways than I have ever expected it to,” said Ashley Ferguson ’16, a member of the 4-H club.

To give back to the community the students have volunteered by doing community service and planting trees.  They later plan to help mentor young children in health and nutrition, said Mathurin.

Mathurin began this club because he wanted everyone to share the same experiences as he had, in helping his community as well as spread awareness about giving back to your community in a positive way, said Mathurin.

Although it may seem like Mathurin figured everything out on his own to start the club, he did not do it alone.  Maryam Jhangir ’15, the vice president of the 4-H club, has contributed greatly in starting the club.

Being along side Mathurin step by step from the start of the club, Jhangir has helped by contributing ideas on trips and ways to expand the club outside the school, she said.

Some upcoming projects they have planned are taking trips to Cornell University to help the environment and a bulb planting project in different communities.

As a club, 4-H plans on growing within the school by teaching others to help their community little by little.


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