Letters to the Editor: Siemens Competition Challenges Researchers

To the editor,

Greetings! I read the article, “Siemens Competition Challenges Researchers”, by Lucy Lin ’15. I developed positive views from reading this article. I can tell everyone who entered had high hopes and expectations. Each and every one of them devoted their time and effort into their projects in order to expect for the best. It is a given that it is extremely hard to be a finalist in the Siemens competition. Seeing that every student had dedicated their own time on their project and had such confidence on winning really makes me view Midwood in a different light.

Not only am I surprised as to how much time these competitors have dedicated to their projects and the competition, but I am also fascinated by how these students manage to work a month and a half quicker than others. This motivates me to work harder and maybe in the future; I can be one of these competitors too. Surely this article probably doesn’t just inspire me alone. There are probably many other students who are motivated just as I am, to strive higher and to have our hopes and confidence boosted.

Thank you for this well – developed and inspiring article!

Best Regards, Anny Lin ’17

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